Internal Affairs - What the latest PlayStation 3 model is losing in the battle to cut costs and jumpstart sales

In the nearly 30 years between the launch of the Fairchild Channel F and the Microsoft Xbox 360, console owners didn't have to worry about hardware compatibility issues. You bought a system, looked for the name of your system on the software box, and hoped that the manufacturer would support the system long enough to justify your purchase.

There have been a few re-designs along the way, almost all of which resulted in a smaller (i.e. cheaper to manufacture) console such as the Atari 2600jr, the top-loading NES, the Genesis 3, the PS One and the slimline PS2. While there were a few software issues, for the most part none of these re-designs fundamentally changed the system's architecture.

Not so with the latest generation of consoles, which now include multiple SKUs from both Microsoft and Sony...

As long as hardware manufacturers continue to add expensive new technology to their consoles, and remove it in an attempt to re-position themselves in the market, the recent phenomena of multiple SKUs is likely to continue.

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PopEmUp4077d ago

This called marketing if u want people to buy your product you must understand of what the consumers want and needs, so you have to listen to them to understand them, we don't live in the 80s or the 90s anymore but we need to buy something that suit for us and what benefit us when we purchase it, but if you buy something that is not reliable (like x-box 360) than you wouldn't be happy with it would you? If u want to buy something you want to use it not waiting for it to be fix, so there no point of buying thing when you are just waiting for it to be fixed, with that time you suppose enjoying it not waiting for it.

R Swipe4077d ago

Along a similar line to your argument of waiting for consoles to be fixed. Presumably to enjoy a console you need to have games that people actually want to play?

DG4077d ago

So you would rather wait years for good games (or games that have been released already) as opposed to 1-2 weeks to get your console repaired right.

IdontTakeSides4077d ago

I honestly dont see ppl are making such a big deal about the PS3 and it's mutiple SKU's ..Big deal they took out PS2 what that doesn't mean they can't implement in future far as im concerned the 40GB does everything and more than the M$ keeps upgrading there SKU's and of course one of the most important feature for a next gen console is HI-DEF disk drive..lets hope those new SKU's atleast last a year this time around...!!

DG4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

You really should change your user name it does not correspond with your statements.

wageslave4077d ago

The article was less than honest about the difference between what MS has done and what Sony has done.

The only difference between the consoles is the peripherals that they are packed with. Internally, they are all the same.

When they said "you dont need HDMI for HD" they were correct, and still, the only difference between a non-HDMI machine and a HDMI machine is a cable.

SONY on the other hand reduced function in the machine by taking out hardware. What you buy with one SKU cannot be made -- via later purchase -- what the other machines have.

Backwards Compatibility is removed. The card reader. USB ports. Gone for ever.

It would have been nice if the author had mentioned that Xbox 360 is a modular, package-price difference while the Sony mutliple-SKU fiasco is mid-stream re-design of features on offer.

The new machines do less than the old.

spiderfish4077d ago

you mean I can upgrade a 360 with hdmi?

Omegasyde4077d ago

God forbid they made a system cheaper. Everyone suffers huh?

Get off your high horse and buy a ps3 or better yet, try illustrating your opinion with more facts about marketing. The cheaper the systems, the better it is for everyone to enjoy every game this generation of consoles.

wageslave4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

No, re-read my post. The video quality of the output on the non-HDMI is the same as HDMI.

Its the same essentially, just a different cable.

CaliGamer4077d ago

The 40 gig would be good for people who are new to the PS family of products, if you have no PS2 games and none interest you, then why spend extra money to have a feature that you wont use. On the other hand BC does bolster the PS3's library far beyond any of the other consoles out now.

I guess it boils down to your needs and what type of gamer you are, if your new to the hobby, then get the 40 gig, save some money and enjoy the new games and BD movies. If your hardcore PS2 fan and your looking to upgrade get the more expensive model and enjoy your favorite older PS2 classics along with the new ones.

In the end it gives choices, I just hope that when the 40 gig makes its debut in the States, Sony makes the differences really clear. They have an opportunity to be able to cater to the needs of many different type of gamers, as long as they go about it correctly.

DG4077d ago

I actually tip my hat off to Sony for taking out BC and making it cheaper but I still wont buy one untill it reaches $300.00

wageslave4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I'll probably buy one used in 3-4 years... Ive got "every" console, but like try and keep my ecological footprint down buy not buying every single thing under the sun.

I certainly have the funds for a PS3, but, I've been gaming for ~25 years, I have patience.

I was happy to get a Xbox 360 for the backwards compatability to Xbox. I had a PS2 last gen, but there were games I wanted to play but could not.

If you were a PS2 owner, I reconmmend a Xbox 360 so you can go back and try some of the fun games from the Xbox. And the titles are now good (used) prices.