Assassin's Creed Sounds Off: Jesper Kyd's Epic Score

Within the realm of videogame composition the name Jesper Kyd carries a considerable amount of weight. The Danish born composer is best know for his award winning turn on the Hitman series, commanding large orchestras and melding in bits of electronic embellishment to craft epic scores that take the concept of orchestration to another level while still being firmly rooted in their historical roots.

Kyd has been handpicked to score the forthcoming Assassin's Creed by Ubisoft. For this particular project Kyd opted for a combination of traditional orchestral compositions augmented with stripped down acoustic moments, rich and thunderous percussion and emphatic vocal performances.

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Skerj4077d ago

Assassin's Creed just got another win for me, Kyd's music in the Hitman series and Freedom Fighters was an atmospheric aural force to be reckoned with.

stuntman_mike4076d ago

agree skerj his stuff is excellent, just made this game even better also you should hear some of the stuff his done for kane and lynch.

Geohound4076d ago

really enjoyed his work on splinter cell ct.... can't wait to get AC.

Skerj4076d ago

I didn't even know he did Chaos Theory, that's awesome. Amon Tobin rocked in that soundtrack too.

MK_Red4076d ago

Assassins is looking better and better and now it's sounding better.