More Capcom news to come this week.

The link shows that the recent announcement of Bionic Commando is not the only title coming. The link shows a reply that a Senior Director posted announcing their plans for releasing the news this week.

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vaan4050d ago

Get that Street Fighter 4 going Beatches!
Don't waste my time with crap like Omnimusha, or Dead Rising. Lost Planet, Monster Hunter........who cares.
S T R E E T F I G H T E R 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Leathersoup4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

That's right! A streetfighter game where thousands of people log in and play simultaneously in a mystical land full of commandos that spar against knights in ill fastened armor in an attempt to discover that the frozen planet that you're on is actually a zombie infested train and every guy in the game is playing Milla Jovovich.

ruibing4050d ago

I liked all the Onimusha titles, but, yea, Street Fighter would be great.

fopums4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

whao whao whao.....Onimusha pwns....but yeah that cant be the internet breaking news that capcom is hinting at


lol yeah, It just cant be an existing franchise. and I dont know what it could be.... except that THEY are redoing FF7!

Genki4050d ago

Monumental hype generation over potentially nothing. I love it.

Sovannah Phum4050d ago

haha onimusha 5 would be classic overhype on nothing!

Laexerias4050d ago

I dont want a Street Fighter 4, it would be lame, i am stuffed of this f*cking sequels, cant play one more, its MAKES ME CRAZY EVERYTIME THE SAME SH*T WITH THE SAME SKILLS AND SAME ENEMYS WITHOUT ANY CHANGE *explode*

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