US Playstation 3 40GB Shows Up In Target Store Scan

Here's another source listing the upcoming stock of the US Playstation 3 40GB model, packed with Spider-Man.Gaming Bits is assuming it is Spider-Man 3, since it's showing an in-stock date of 10/28/07, very close to the 10/30 release of the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray (as well as the Spider-man 3 DVD and the Spider-Man High Definition Trilogy Blu-Ray).

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aiphanes4082d ago

Its a given now....November 2th....

xplosneer4082d ago

Just announce it already....

IdontTakeSides4082d ago

Yes the Ps3 will come out Nov 2nd I think.. but the reason Sony isn't really saying ne thing as of yet is bcuz they don't want consumers to hold off on buying a PS3..

tocrazed4you4082d ago

As many 60gigs as they can before they officially announce it.

PopEmUp4082d ago

This is the many reasons that they won't say even at TGS where they say they have no plan on having price cut this year for the PS3

supermandead6664082d ago

Just release the freakin 40 gig already.

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The story is too old to be commented.