Every Extend Extra Extreme Is Coming This Week on Xbox Live Arcade

Every Extend Extra Extreme is coming this week on Xbox Live Arcade and the game will cost 800 Microsoft Points and the game will be release on 10/17/2007 and here is some information about the game: The latest creation by Q Entertainment, EVERY EXTEND EXTRA EXTREME (E4) is a unique action-packed shooter. Time your self-destruction perfectly, create chain reactions by exploding enemies, and extend the game life. Enjoy a trippy, trancey clubbing experience through the combination of highly addictive gameplay, music, and sharp visuals. E4 features five exciting game modes as you collect bonus items and detonate your craft to the beat to multiply your scores. Wildly fun gameplay Unique, fun, addictive gameplay mixed with hip and cool original music offers a club-like experience in the living room.

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