Mortal Kombat: How to Dominate With Kratos

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Troll_Police2167d ago

Kratos is beast in Mortal Kombat.

rockleex2167d ago

OMG! The stage from GOW3 is in there!

ksense2167d ago

This looks awesome!!! Just feels weird when kratos is on the receiving end though lol.

Schism202167d ago

Kratos is powerful but he feels kinda slow

RedDead2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

In MK it seems to be Power or slow or somewhere in the middle, Sub zero is powerful and slow and Scorpion is weak and fast

Soundslike down there.... Those moves are really hard to hit. I only hit someone once in the demo.

UNCyrus2167d ago

In the end, there are only Fatalities.

offdawall2167d ago

kratos is deff the most used character ive seen so far ... its just awesome to use those BLADES

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