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Submitted by D R Fz 3036d ago | news

Ninja Gaiden 2 Coming to Nintendo Wii

Ninja Gaiden 2 is coming to the Nintendo Wii. Yes, you read that correctly. However, your short-term eyes may deceive you a bit, because it's actually the original Ninja Gaiden 2 from the NES, subtitled "The Dark Sword of Chaos."

Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of Chaos is one of three games headed to the Wii's Virtual Console today at 9am PST. (Wii)
Tipsed by: D R Fz

FFVIIFan  +   3036d ago
sneaky title.
barom  +   3036d ago
hahah it worked. I fell for it (for a sec ()=) ).
the worst  +   3036d ago
its going 2 fail on the wii
its going 2 look like sh!t
on that crap of a console
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Baryndor  +   3036d ago
PopEmUp  +   3036d ago
M$: we have Ninja Gaiden 2 for our exclusive
NIntendo: what ya talking about I also had an exclusive Ninja Gaiden 2 so which one is Ninja Gaiden 2?
M$: Damn we are so Fack!
cooke15  +   3036d ago
even if it was a new ninja gaiden, you basically said Ninja Gaiden for Xbox looked like ass.. And Wii is more powerful than Xbox.
Bleem360  +   3036d ago
lol @ the twat
Bleem360  +   3036d ago
lol @ the twat
DZNetworks  +   3036d ago
Its not the new updated version, just the original game for the NES.
Sevir04  +   3036d ago
the rtard above me must have not read the article
LOL!!!! thats funny read before your xbox fan heart explodes you'd have sen that it's actually the nes games that are being placed on the virtual console. ^^ someone just tried to make your hearts jump a bit.. lol!!! that was rich. i figured it was the Nes titles that heading to the wii's VC, tecmo even had it in there press release
eclipsegryph  +   3036d ago
The common scenario on the Internet of calling someone a retard and then typing like one is something that I will never be able to understand.
Sevir04  +   3036d ago
hey eclipse.... hm..
you aren"t worth the effort so i'll leave you alone. Good day. douche...
eclipsegryph  +   3036d ago
Yes, a very mature man you must be. Listen, mate, I'm not defending "the worst" by any means, but even you have to notice the... subtleties of insulting someone's intelligence and then acting in a very similar manner. Just think about it before you reply next time, okay?

Edit to poopface1: Of course he was right about "the worst" making an ignorant remark. He could have left it right there, but instead went on to disrespect him, all whilst sounding like an ignorant fool himself. Why not simply correct "the worst" and then move on with it? Why add the rudeness?
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poopface1  +   3036d ago
well eclipse id say sever is right seeing as the person he was comenting about didnt even read the article before going on about how 360 is doomed lol.
eclipsegryph  +   3036d ago
If I didn't already own it for the NES, I'd buy this all over again. Those first three Ninja Gaiden games were the bane of my early gaming existence. Great times.

Edit: Also, I'm surprised as hell as to how this made the front page of N4G. A completely misleading headline alongside a completely inaccurate photo all so that someone can masturbate to people falling for his ruse. It doesn't really give any credit to N4G as a legitimate gaming news aggregate.

Edit Edit: And since I'm here, what is with all of the rude backlash against the people falling for this? I mean, a little bit more attention to detail would have prevented them from saying anything in the first place, but for crying out loud, show a little respect, people!

Edit to poopface1: I understand your reasoning, but it is false logic. You ask "why respect him", whilst I ask "why DISrespect him"? Instead of glossing over the ignorant comment, people have taken the time to intentionally attack someone and injure them in a disrespectful way. And to add to the farce, they have done so in ways that give no credibility to their remarks in any way, shape or form. Their time has been wasted because what they wrote will not be taken seriously. Not to mention that there was probably something better that could have been done with their time aside from making rude, snide remarks at an unknown person on the Internet.

Everyone is so quick to point out other people's mistakes, that they don't take the time to observe their own. It's just something I've noticed.
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poopface1  +   3036d ago
no disrespect to you but
why why respect someone who makes a stupod comment about an article they didnt even read.
Iceman100x  +   3036d ago
2 - it going 2 fail on the wii
its going 2 look like sh!t
on that crap of a console

Hey reject they weren't talking about the fake ninja gaiden this is the real nes classic lol illiterate idiots are the stupidest kind there is.
eclipsegryph  +   3036d ago
And then again almost instantly after my other post. Simply amazing.
lib9  +   3036d ago
Oh wow
Head almost exploded right there, good job contributor .. in making the title a "little tricky".
PopEmUp  +   3036d ago
This is hilarious since Ninja Gaiden 2 was to be exclusive to x-box 360 and now they say it on wii man that is great news for x-box 360 fanboy, and what do you know mass effect will end up in the wii as well or even Alan wake since they point out that game as well
Darkiewonder  +   3036d ago
LOL @ Stupid award
Goes to you.
PopEmUp  +   3036d ago
Are you telling me that you have granted a stupid award, congratulation
razer  +   3036d ago
Everybody say hi to Mr. Stupid..

PopEmUp you need to learn to read before you post PS3tard.
poopface1  +   3036d ago
did you even read this???
It was a joke, the wii is geting the orinigal NG2 that was on the NES....not the ultra bloody 360 game
americanGTA  +   3036d ago
only if
it was the one for the 360
midgard229  +   3036d ago
idiots who dont read thought the new NG2 was comin to wii, lol. whats the big deal, the original xbox ninja gaiden has all 3 snes ninja gaidens in it
midgard229  +   3036d ago
what idiot disagrees with what i said? u cant, it is on the original xbox, go play it ur self, its secret but its in there, man nintendo fans with disagree for things that are true lol,and i wasnt even bashing
eclipsegryph  +   3036d ago
I am the one who disagreed with you for your abuse and bastardization of English grammar, and in the nitpicky sense that there was only 1 SNES Ninja Gaiden release - the cartridge just happened to have all 3 NES games on it.
#9.2 (Edited 3036d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
poopface1  +   3036d ago
what a let donw huh...I waw wondering how they were gonna have al the blood and limbs on the wii(not alowed)
eclipsegryph  +   3036d ago
Though I may later regret asking this in a serious manner, I just have to know - why did you mention that violence on the Wii would be "not allowed"? While Nintendo, as a company, remains the strictest game console manufacturer when it comes to censorship, their reins have been loosened remarkably since their SNES days, and there are violent games for the console already available, and soon to be released.
cooke15  +   3036d ago
hmm No More Heroes, Manhunt 2, Scarface, Godfather, Mortal Kombat, Redsteel 2 say Hi
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   3036d ago
A Ninja Gaiden game using the Wii's motion controls would be kinda fun though.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   3036d ago

No, seriously. Take bubbles away from everyone who didn't even read the summary of the article at the top of this page.
mesh1  +   3036d ago
ps3 fanbabys never give up with their doctored headlines remember MASS EFFECT IS INCOMING.CRY more ps3 fanboys
Wii60_FTW  +   3036d ago
hahaha., u got me
DeckUKold  +   3036d ago
this is funny and it caught idiots haha
Wii60_FTW  +   3036d ago
sure as hell caught you, dipshit ;)
ChickeyCantor  +   3036d ago
nothing beats the oldschool ninja gaiden.
ninja gaiden on the Xbox was cool but I (read: I so its an opinion) lost interest after the second level.

this one is a must have =D
texism  +   3036d ago

I spilled coffee on my pants!
midgard229  +   3036d ago
so eclipse ur saying that wii has to pay seperatly for a game that originally had all 3 games from the begining??? LOL!!!! poor wii, like i jsaid just play it on the original NG black lol
TheUltimatePS3Fanboy  +   3035d ago
First of all yes I get the joke...
And second of all Ninja Gaiden 2 still can suck my balls.

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