Microsoft & Best Buy Get Racketeering Appeal Rejected

For those keeping an eye on the summer's funnest (only?) court case involving Microsoft and the big box retailer the world loves to hate, here's the latest. Today, the Supreme Court "rejected an appeal by Microsoft and a unit of Best Buy in a lawsuit alleging the two companies fraudulently signed up customers for Microsoft's online service," which means that the appeals court's ruling may now stand.

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jaja14344082d ago

120 degrees and no comment?
Come on people!
Come on!!!

ErcsYou4082d ago

this story doesnt appear on the ps3 or 360 channel. its under pc, industry and tech.. notice the lack of fanboys...
Would this be n4g without them??

supermandead6664082d ago

What's there to comment about?, i don't know about Best Buy but this is standard practice for Microsoft, shoving sh#t down peoples throat, i wonder how the xbox 360 sold out in japan?, hmmm........

Omegasyde4082d ago

Rumor has it that Microsoft has the cure for cancer and isn't releasing the medicine until July 2009 with Vista service pack 2.

This message was brought to you by Good Humor®.
"You can't quit, with just one lick."

Dreamworker4081d ago

and what about sony shoving blu-ray down your throat

PimpHandHappy4082d ago

i would comment on this but its known fact MS has done stuff like this b4. Why do you think they faced Anti-trust lawsuits in Amercia and the UK

because they are sneeks

supermandead6664082d ago

Don't forget SKorea and EU anti-trust.