Could There Be A Portal 3?

Gamrrz Said: Before i start this article i must say that there could be some spoilers so please be aware, that if you have not played through the game and want to, then do not read this :)

I know this article is quite early but its not too early, many people have probably played through portal 2 now and are wondering whether there will be a portal 2, either that or playing co-op.

At the end of portal 1, there was a song called I'm Still Alive, as you can see/hear from the ending credits of portal 1 below you could tell that there was going to be a sequel.In Portal 2 ... Not So Much

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xYLeinen2616d ago

Gaming journalism is like a guy treating games like a whore. He is done after a few hours then quickly moving to the next one.

Enjoy Portal 2 for now and give our eyes some rest.

xtremexx2616d ago

but the whole reason i wrote this was beause i loved portal 2, so much

xYLeinen2616d ago

Yes understandable.

I probably will to when I actually get my copy, hence what I wrote. Maybe this can be a discussion we all can tag along with when majority who intend playing Portal 2 have played it.

imvix2615d ago

Valve always takes their times with games so they dont milk their franchises. I think the concept would get old if we got portal 3 so soon. I would say give it 2-3 years atleast. We really dont want to see good devs like Valve scumb to levels of Activision where the series is milked on a yearly basis.

Also for those asking for l4d3, please drop it. It will just be new maps and reskinned weapons with a price tag of 60usd (for consoles anyways). Its a better decision to buy PC version of L4D2 get all DLCs free (which includes all the maps and characters of L4D1). PC version of L4D2 gets free map updates all the time, PC version can also be bought under 10usd when its on discount. So why do people want to pay 60usd for a reskinned l4d3? i dont get it.

xtremexx2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Dammit i double posted

badz1492615d ago

which it is...why not?

Raendom2616d ago

Portal 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Half Life 3, Team Fortress 3. The <color> box.

xtremexx2616d ago

lol, that would be epic

BeastlyRig2616d ago

sorry to mess up your list but I want Counter Strike 2 to come also with Dota 2 which comes later this year from valve..

xDaRkModEx2615d ago

U can argue counter strike 3*. since there is cs and cs:s.

koh2615d ago

I would consider buying that box set at $150, but would probably wait for it to drop to $80-100... If for some reason they were to make such an awesome collection again.

dangert122615d ago

To Be Honest...Yes There Could Be LOL

marioPSUC2615d ago

Im sure Valve will make a Portal 3, its part of the Half Life universe and its a great series. Just keep on adding more elements to make puzzles harder. Portal 2 was a blast

Soldierone2615d ago

Yes there will be more Portal...I was hoping it would be in terms of DLC though not a full 60 dollar game....