Super Scribblenauts marked down 43%, Manbearpig awaits

Conflicting Gamers - "There’s no question that there has been a whole “sandbox” revolution in games ever since the technology has allowed it. But Scribblenauts has totally changed the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ genre…they made possible the ‘CREATE anything’ genre! Here’s a game where you can literally create anything you want, in game…ANYTHING! Wanna make a chair? Boom, there’s a chair. Wanna make a car? Boom, a car pops up. How about Manbearpig? You got it….seriously, I’ve seen that happen. Simply incredible."

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Hitman07692595d ago

Still haven't played this amazingly, will have to look into it.

vgcgames2594d ago

I need to play this game loved at e3 last year