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Four, not three, "horses" in holiday console race

Commenting on this season's "console wars," Crave Entertainment COO Rob Dyer thinks it is great that there are multiple consoles on the market.

"In fact, we see it more of a four consoles, two handhelds market," Dyer said, including the PlayStation 2 in the software sales battle.

"Christmas will be very strong and we see PS2, Wii and the handhelds leading the way for us," he said.

Recent software sales support his observation. In August, the PS2 version of Madden 08 was the second highest selling game in the US, with Guitar Hero II and Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s for PS2 also making the charts.

The PlayStation 2 version of FIFA 08 is atop the charts in both Germany and Spain, outselling versions for the current generation of consoles.

With Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter forecasting September PS2 software sales in the US at USD 101 million, this puts the seven year-old console only slightly behind the forecast September sales for current generation software.

Responding to rumours of a lower-priced PS3 appearing in the US, Dyer said that the price of development, not the retail price of the console, is the gating issue for smaller publishers.

"Until there is an affordable and predictable middleware solution for the PS3, it will be tough for smaller publishers to get games into market for the next year or two," Dyer said. (PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

tocrazed4you  +   2846d ago
Man sony is...
Just making bank on the ps2 my god huge profit from it.
Mikey_Gee  +   2846d ago
Well if you ask me ....
I say being back the SNES.

Well at least the one in the pic ..

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Honcho  +   2846d ago
at 2.0 attached pic
dang.. I would buy that snes if they bundled that girl with it.
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Quickstrike  +   2846d ago
and there are 2 sony systems
Sony still has its PS2 which is still alive and kicking and its not yet alive but not dead yet PS3 which will start being as good as its predecessor.
whateva  +   2846d ago
PS2 is older then a lot of the kids that play it lol
PS2 might sell 150 million units before it's all said and done!

you can pick up PS2 games at the dollar store, now that's what I call mass marketing in a few years when the price goes down to about $69 you will be able to pick one up at the corner store.
Almighty  +   2846d ago
4 consoles? LOL. I only see 2 home consoles in this Holiday: Wii and Xbox 360. It's impossible that the PS3 can match the number of games and consoles sold that the Wii and the 360 are going to achieve.
Adamalicious  +   2846d ago
It's crazy that people get paid to do this sort of captain obvious style "analysis". I won't be at all surprised if PS2 is #1 again this holiday - I actually expect it.
tocrazed4you  +   2846d ago
Your full of it you know that? Thats what a lot of xbots said when the ps2 was selling really poor and look at it now? Let me guess ps2 aint the same as ps3 well you still didn't learn your lesson yet did you?
gololo  +   2846d ago
lol...PS2 is still beating next-gen consoles in sales...that only shows that all those PS2 owners will be upgrading the within the next year or so, I guess the console war is far from over!!!
P1MPDADDY  +   2846d ago
Woo Hoo
The fact that people are still buying PS2's and gobbling up Wii's this late into the PS2's lifespan indicates that most people still dont have HDTV's. Are unaware of what the 360 and PS3 can do when paired with an HDTV, and dont have broadband internet. So sit back and relax folks. This is going to be a long drawn out war between the 360 and PS3. Any of us that own either console are early adopters. Thats the bottom line. Just like these debates we have in here dont have any effect on either consoles sales. The casual gamer doesnt come to these message boards...

All you PS3 FanBoys can kiss my a$$. I still got 1 bubble. So pathetic that you guys are so consumed by your fear of me spreading the truth about the PS3 that you conspired to take away my bubbles. You guys want a cookie now???

Oh and to the Tupac wannabe Jin Kazama heres my proof of purchase. Dont ever doubt me again. I told your a$$ I owned a PS3 for 1 whole month till I got tired of it collecting dust. Also included is reciepts for the game Warhawk and the movie 300. Yes I bought into Sony's hype and came away disappointed. Kind of like how I got rid of my craptastic all-in-one wannabe super computer, Linux Box, Web Browser, Blue-Ray Player, Cancer research, picture and audio reader, videogame machine. You see my wife complained that I never used my PS3, so I traded it in for a 360. Now she complains that I play it too much. I cant win, which kind of reminds me of how the PS3 cant win. Suck on that haters.

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sak500  +   2846d ago
People are still buying ps2 cuz 99% are modded and play 1$ pirated cds. THere is hardly any money being made by devs on ps2 but its still much more feasable than developing on ps3 where it takes huge effort and resources and then end of the day have puny sales of 500k. 360 is the best new gen console with huge user base and people willing to buy games. In last 30 days have already picked up bioshock, halo3 and yest pgr4. Next on buy list are mass effect, cdo4 and ace combat 6.
Biphter  +   2846d ago
Sak you really are an annoying retard. Why would people bother pirating PS2 games when the games are so dirt cheap? you can pick up second hand games for the system for next to nothing now. Plus, have you ever tried modding a PS2? Its not as easy as it used to be with the PSone. I read you saying this same old sh*t over and over again and I had to comment (Even though like all the other retards on this site you probably wont listen.. *Cough* Nasim *Splutter* Mart).

Damn this site needs rid of your sort.
Biphter  +   2846d ago
"Until there is an affordable and predictable middleware solution for the PS3, it will be tough for smaller publishers to get games into market for the next year or two," Dyer said.

I wonder what Mak thinks of this line... Everyday Shooter anyone?

These "analysts" are either Wrong, or state the obvious. And their views change like the wind. They only ever talk about the near future. Hows about a prediction for 2058 folks? whats your guesses for whos on top then?


Any yes, the PS2 will do well again this year and even next. It caters for a whole spectrum of users, hell, My old PS2 has just been given to my 2 year old son and he's loving playing all the recent "kiddie" games releases (Konami kids range and even eyetoy play he has a go at) The PS2 has been in the Wii territory for many years. Sony's stratergies have worked for PSone and now again for PS2. Why shoot a horse when its still running up front?

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