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Three Games Every Gamer Should Play Before They Die, Week Four

Gamentrain: I apologize for the delay in getting this column out, my internet was having issues and insert better excuse here. I have been aptly reamed and now while I cower and write up another article, here are the picks for the week. (God of War, Halo, Oblivion, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

potedude  +   1290d ago
Mass Effect 2
Thats a game everybody should play. So happy that came to PS3.

Oblivion was awesome too, as was GOW. Haven't played Halo as I lack an Xbox but I'm sure millions of fans cant be wrong...
madpuppy  +   1290d ago
If you have a decent PC you should be able to find PC version copies of Halo 1 and 2 for as little as 7.00 each.

here is a link to the demo.

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Der_Kommandant  +   1290d ago
Metal Gear 1, 3 and 4
Coffin87  +   1289d ago
And 2.
I liked it.
F* you all haters.
Leio  +   1290d ago
And GTA vice city, San Andreas should be there to
RedPawn  +   1290d ago
Guardian Heroes
Crash Team Racing
Super Castlevania IV
rustyspoon80  +   1290d ago
Sorry but you cant say Crash Team Racing when its basically a Mario Kart rip-off. If you were going to add any Kart game to a bucket list it'd be Mario Kart on SNES.
RedPawn  +   1290d ago
CTR had way better tracks, control, and play dynamics than MK, even though it was an outstanding game. CTR allowed you to upgrade your items, gave you complete control of your kart in aerial situations, and gave you boosts for constant speed.

CTR just took the formula and crushed the barriers, but I love the Mario Kart series something fierce.
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Relientk77  +   1290d ago
I agree RedPawn

Crash Team Racing is superior

Mario Kart is good to but its second place to me, CTR is my top Kart game
theonlylolking  +   1290d ago
Take out elder scrolls:oblivion. There are sooo many games better than that trash(no offence to the devs). If they are going to do a bethesda game do fallout 3.
darthjacen  +   1290d ago
You realized that Fallout came out years after Oblivion and was based on many of the principals distilled into what became Fallout 3. Personally - and remember, this is an editorial column, I liked Oblivion more than Fallout 3. However, don't fret, you may see Fallout 3 in weeks to come.
kevnb  +   1290d ago
Fail list. Halo and oblivion... morrowind and half-life 2.
GameNTrain  +   1290d ago
This list is a weekly one. Your favorites may have been or may be part of one of the Bucket Lists.
omi25p  +   1290d ago
Half life.

Also is oblivion good, ive never played it but skyrim looks good so i might give it a go
darthjacen  +   1290d ago
Oblivion is fantastic and Skyrim looks even better.
Venox2008  +   1290d ago
Resident evil 2
Conker N64 or xbox
Beyond good & evil (or Okami) :))
darthjacen  +   1290d ago
So you all know, I have many of the games you are clambering for on the list for upcoming weeks. Also, thank you all for reading, I appreciate it a lot.
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1289d ago
Well I better not die today then, because I've only played Oblivion on this list.

My personal 3 would be:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Mass Effect(2)
Half Life 2 and Episodes

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