LGC 2006: Ubisoft Using Assassin's Engine for New Project

The Scimitar Engine, the one powering Ubisoft's beautiful Assassin's Creed, is going to be put to work on more games from the French company. Claude Langlais, technical director on Assassin's Creed (and the chap who dropped the Assassin's Creed demo tidbit to us), told 1UP that the engine powering Assassin's Creed -- the Scimitar Engine -- wasn't just going to be used for the Holy War killing game.

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TheMART4011d ago

The engine from Assassins Creed is used by Ubi for next gen consoles... Hhhmmmm I wonder Assassins Creed engine for PS3 and 360... Hhhmmm Assassins Creed was called Project Assassin on X05... Mhhhhh Assassins Creed announced for 360 on X06

zypher4011d ago

i was thinking it would be used for the next Prince of Persia game. other than PoP, AC and Splinter Cell, i don't know of many Ubisoft IP's the Scimitar Engine could be used for.

zypher4011d ago

who knows? mabye Ubisoft will use the engine to power a new IP exclusive for the 360, that way Microsoft fanboys can lay off the PS3 exclusiveness of Assassins Creed

JIN KAZAMA 1874011d ago

will claim exclusivity, even if its not. LOL

TheMART4011d ago

At least 360 still has some great exclusives

zypher4011d ago

true, which makes me wonder why Microsoft fanboys are so obsessed with Assassins Creed.

General4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Yeah I also agree, I mean you guys have Lost planet, GOW Etc Etc.

TheMART4010d ago

I want them all

And you know, it's not even obsession. It's logical thinking. On X05 this game is presented for the 360 by the name Project Assassin. It'll just be released on the 360 next year

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Microsoft Master4011d ago

Assassin's creed was running on a 360 at E3, that's why the buzz around this game exists. And therefore it's more built for the 360 than PS3, so PS3 will get the sh**ty port!

zypher4011d ago

you shouldn't believe every rumor you read

360Borrowedtime4010d ago

Dude can you read it says PS3, so i suggest you learn to read before you post!

TheMART4010d ago

nope Ubisoft themselve say:

"AT THIS TIME it's only announced on PS3".

They don't say:

"This is een PS3 exclusive"

nor do they say:

"This one is only announced on PS3 and will not be brought to 360".

That is called an exclusive. This is called a cover-up

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Microsoft Master4011d ago

Nor should you. I'm not blind, i see your comments, you talk like Sony is god.

zypher4011d ago

what about this article is based in rumor? and since you seem able to deduce so much from such limited knowledge, what rumor am i believing?

zypher4011d ago

i talk like Sony is god? yeah, and this coming from "Microsoft Master"

TheMART4010d ago

And I am the big pre-big bang. It was here before the big bang, the universe and even god

Oh yeah and at the same time I am the pope and the moon is made of cheese, the PS3 fires rockets for north-korea and the PS2 gives emotion courses to people that don't have emotions

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DJ4011d ago

That was just a RUMOR. no proof. not even a picture or a sighting.

General4011d ago

Exactly! Goddamn Xbots. Haven't you guys got your 360's to be playing on? Or are you waiting for a replacement from Microsoft?

TheMART4010d ago

Doesn't matter actually, it has been announced on X05 but with the name Project Assassin.

It's coming to 360, just watch E3 2007