PS3 ways to appreciate the environment: Afrika, Aquavita, Planet Earth

The incredible power of PS3 can be used to bring some of Earth's most beautiful environments and creatures to your home. For example, the mysterious upcoming title Afrika looks to be quite the visual feast (HD trailer, after the cut). Ps3fanboy don't know much about the game, or how it plays. However, Ps3fanboy know the game will help us learn more about this unique environment. With it, we may be able to understand even more why so many people are working to try and save this ecosystem, and the animals in it.

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Lucreto3933d ago

I have Planet Earth on pre-order David Attenborough is great at narrating. I am still unsure on buying blu-ray disks worth €62 but this and Spiderman are exceptions.

Siesser3933d ago

It's worth hit; hands down one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen, and really shows what hi-def is SUPPOSED to look like. Incredibly crisp and detailed.

fenderputty3933d ago

get the movie, get it in HD. It's worth every freaking penny.

marinelife93933d ago

Having an earth to rest my weary head on for the next few dozen millenia would be nice.

antoinetm3933d ago

i bet it would look better with crytek's new 3d engine...
.. alien spaceships
... and a lot of guns

:o ohhh this has potential!

nice idea tho

sandip7873933d ago

wow planet earth would look amazing. has anyone got any pics of it in HD?
and imagine blue planet aswell. mmmmmmmmmmmmm HD goodness

JIN KAZAMA3933d ago

Is AquaVita supposed to come out, and also BlueSky. Those looks pretty sweet, and the PSEye functionality would be awesome. I cant wait to get those. I LOVE MY PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!


Apocalypse Shadow3933d ago


music,SD and HD movies and pictures

internet surfing

motion control

hands free eyetoy control

remote play

and experiencing media type gaming like these.the system is just all we need is pilot wings type game,and a solar system game or mars game where you control the mars rover and shuttle with the sixaxis.and go out on space walks.

very cool stuff.

mag lev....................

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