Can You Really do This in Uncharted 3's Multiplayer?

Yesterday, Naughty Dog took the wraps off Uncharted 3′s multiplayer component and there were certainly a few surprises revealed by the developer. Now, a new screenshot shows something undoubtedly amazing that players can do in the game’s online mode.

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SeanScythe2616d ago

We did know about this with the reveal the other day but it's nice to see it slowed down and larger. It's going to be epic. After the plane takes off the battle takes place inside the plane. Would be cool to fight on top the plane.

BeastlyRig2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

The way that truck rolls looks almost robotic! But still cool..

ND posted an app on twitter!
Uncharted Weather -

jriquelme_paraguay2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

what you want? a truck rolling like a human?


ksense2616d ago

this looks awesome. I would love to jump to other moving trucks and shoot and get shot at. it gets the adrenaline pumping.

just a thing to note for people trying to figure out which will sell better. gears 3 is releasing in september without much competition and uncharted is releasing in a crowded month which includes battlefield 3 and cod!!!.

frostypants2615d ago

Looks awesome, BUT I'm sure it's a scripted event within that particular mode. Kind of like the tank rolling through the village in that one Uncharted 2 online map.

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elite-shot2616d ago

In answer to the title... With naughty dog anythin is possible.

Shane Kim2616d ago

To be honest I think that truck rolls pretty realistic.

FFXI1012615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

Realistic or not, it looks awesome! can't wait for the beta :)

AaronSponk2615d ago

Naughty Dog programmers are the real code masters.

davidmccue2615d ago

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Dart892616d ago

I would love to do that oh and shoot people out of midair as they try to jump to another spot.

kalel1142616d ago

According to Arne from ND, the Villians can jump from truck to truck or even truck to plane. The Heros can even jump to the trucks as well.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

And you can see how the Airplane goes trough there, above, really close.

Is amazing.


Raising the bar.

Uncharted 3 have better features.

offdawall2616d ago

im really thinking UC3 mingt outsell gears3 it has seriously grown in popularity in the industry ang uc2 sales are great .... no flame bait but seriously wat do you guys think

Yehshuah2616d ago

i don't believe it will outsell gears 3. i have all uncharted games and i play them all the time but the numbers gears did were system sellers. i do believe uncharted 3 will be better. i did a few survey and out of all the ps3 owners, most were looking forward to purchase other games other than uc3. some do not know what uncharted is. but for 360 owners, they were willing to go to gears 3 midnight launch

Ps_alm3k2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

see i knew it...
Uncharted is multi millions seller, but ______ refuse to buy them.

fr0sty2616d ago

U2 established uncharted has a AAA hit franchise, so it's follow up will definitely have better sales based on the hype 2 generated alone.

Kleptic2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

Even for UC2 Ps3 sales were still significantly lower than the 360...

but things are much closer now worldwide, despite the US...But I still would bet strongly that Gears 3 takes it sales wise...

that isn't really the issue though...sales won't mean anything to us; Uncharted as a franchise is doing far beyond what is needed to keep them coming...critically though its up in the air...Nothing stood up to UC2 in 2009, where it pretty much unanimously took goty...Gears 3 still has pretty much everything to reveal, little is yet known other than...the engine now has true dynamic lighting...we'll see, definitely will be a good year for third person shooters...

xabmol2616d ago

My next door neighbor is a PS3 only player and he has never heard of Uncharted. He knows about Gears though. Sad, ain't it?

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BabyTownFrolics2616d ago

look at past sales numbers for both games, and I think that is a good idea as to how both new sequels will sell. Also one thing to consider is that 360 only owners will have been waiting all year for this game, this is the big fall exclusive and the 360 is hurting for exclusives right now. While I'm positive the UC3 will sell as much or more than UC2 I doubt that PS3 only owners will be so desperate (for a lack of a better word) for UC3 that it will outsell Gears 3. If I'm proven wrong thats cool, I wish both naughty dog and epic success with both these great games.

FFXI1012615d ago

I agree with you on Gears, I think the lacking of exclusives and games for hard core gamers will help Gears sales even more.

However, I think UC series is doing much better and improved a lot since the first UC.

I LOVE the first GEARS, I DO. But Gears 2 was a let down to me(both single & muti-players) and I doubt Gears 3 will surpass the first Gears. Whereas UC series is the opposite, UC was great, UC2 was even better and UC3 tops both UC and UC2.

I'm really looking forward to play it.

jrbeerman112615d ago

i gotta say im shocked that gears 3 is mentioned without blatant fanboyism, bubbles going around for job well done.

I am excited for both, cant wait for gears beta to start next week for me.

mrbattle4202615d ago

agree!I love both games,anyway we see it uncharted is the best graphical console game out there(not killzone)and gears is the bloodiest 3rd person shooter!!they sould push the release date to september,but with games like skyrim and bf3 is gonna be hard !but i predict game of the year right know and is going for skyrim, 2nd place is between uc3 and LA NOIRE and 3rd between portal 2,rage,bf3
well is hard to predict but thats my opinion maybe uc3 wins second but LA NOIRE is a beast of a game!!!


@offdawall its not gonna out sell gears3...B real. Sony dose not have the marketing power microsoft has...Even if they did gears fan base is much bigger than uncharted...Gears can sell 2-3 million in a week and sell lots of consoles but uncharted sells 3-4million in total life sales not in a week and that says a lot...Any way i would b getting the 2...No need to compare them,they are two different games with different game play styles involved in them.Its only the dumb idiotic fanboys that compare gears and uncharted.

Now if i can just get some news of god of war 4 or a god of war spin off at E3 i will b one very happy gamer.

news4geeks2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )

don't be too sure. Uncharted2 sold 4.3m as of September last year so it will have settled at just over 5m if we go buy the ps3 long legs theory. Gears2 looks to have settled at 7m. Amazon pre-orders in the UK have U3 above Gears3 and it is releasing a few months later plus the xbox userbase is bigger in the UK. Just speculation but interesting none the less. After the critical acclaim of U2 I can see this challenging Gears sales.

Kon2616d ago

In my humble opinion, Gears will outsell it 3:1

jetlian2616d ago

be that high! hell it won't be 2:1 I bet gears3 will out sell the other 2 though! Gears3 is looking great.

Uncharted is looking great too. they finally got coop splitscreen. Which is my favorite style of play.

I think coop could make uncharted one of the top sellers now.

Rainstorm812616d ago

3:1 ???

really? No gears has out sold any uncharted 3:1...And the Uncharted franchise is growing in popularity.

I wouldnt be surprised at all if Gears out sold Uncharted, but the gap closes with each release.

Gears 2 outsold U2....U2 won more awards than Gears 2.......Both are still good both franchises and you might enjoy it..

dontbhatin2616d ago

i dont understand why ppl compare sales to a game that came out in 08 to a game that came out in 09.

xPhearR3dx2616d ago

I <3 all the PS3 and Sony fanboys on this site :)

Vherostar2615d ago

Wow comparing gears which is for sale on the console where only shooters sells well to uncharted eh?? Whatever helps you sleep eh? I mean you want proof that non shooters sell better on ps3 looks at gt vs forza they are both as good in there own right (GT a bit better as its newer) yet it blew forzas sales out the water within a few weeks. So quit with the sales talk already we are talking about how great multiplayer will be here and it does look amazing.
Either way I am buying Gears 3 AND Uncharted 3 so I really don't care! You fanboys can stick to your guns and single conosles and I will have my gaming goodness thankyou ta!

jrbeerman112615d ago

vherostar i see what your trying to say but GT and Forza is a hard analogy to use.

Forza is pumping out games to GT 2:1

Forza is a newcomer trying to steal users from GT as well as offer alternative to xbox only users

GT is the best selling series of all time.

Its like comparing sales of resistance to Halo.

otherwise I am with you as far as talking too much about sales, as both of these games will be great, day one for both games for me.

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macky3012616d ago

How? It is the only really core exclusive game 360 has this year,..
while ps3 had more than I can count only in the first few months,..
But then again Uncharted is a bomb also,..

claterz2616d ago

Uncharted 3 sales will be much closer to Gears than the last time around that's for sure. There's already hype surrounding UC3 at the moment and that's just gonna increase when E3 comes around and they reveal the single player. THEN we've got the public beta which will keep people even more hyped!

If Sony had any sense they would advertise this game more than anything else this year, it's just one of those games that appeals to everyone. Whereas Gears only really appeals to the hardcore fans. Also I believe Gears is most popular in US, in UK I don't even remember seeing a trailer for Gears 2. The PS3 has also become a more popular console now than it was when UC2 released, whereas the 360's user base has grown specifically because of Kinect, and I can't imagine Kinect players buying Gear 3.

One more thing, if Uncharted 3 has Move support, I'd say it will outsell Gears 3. I can't imagine Sony would be stupid enough not to give their biggest game of the year Move support, it's been in every other big game exclusive this year so...

jrbeerman112615d ago

I think you got it backwards concerning move...

The games with move support will help sell the move, not the other way around.

As said a few times on board, its really gonna be easier for Gears 3 to sell considering that not too many AAA exclusives are coming for 360. Us with 360s need gears 3 to justify our 50-60 live membership (sad i know)

Its especially hard for people like me who have both systems, and play all multi on ps3. which basically means that I pay a year of live for either halo reach last year or gears 3 this year.

metsgaming2615d ago

I don't want that blue move compatible emblem on my beautiful Uncharted 3 box !

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