Kazunori Wanted “Another 2 Years” for GT5 Development

This interview conducted with Kazunori Yamauchi shortly after the release of Gran Turismo 5 has been flying under the radar since it was published back in February. It was just recently brought to my attention and, though there’s obviously no bombshells, it provides a few interesting details worth highlighting here:

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Emilio_Estevez2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I love GT5, but this dude is crazy....How long does he think he should get? He would say it's a pursuit of perfection, but where does it end? Before you know it it's coming out for ps5. Guys a clown, get more employees or something. No game should take that long - looking at you too Duke

jc485732620d ago

people do get old you know.

darthv722620d ago

perhaps within that time there would have been a forza 5 and pgr 5 to compete with gt 5.

There is a limit to striving for perfection and that limit is somewhat driven by the fans. Take to long and you lose your base. Release to soon and the fans claim its not complete.

I think the game is fine the way it is. There has to be some room for improvement otherwise what would be left for a gt 6?

I_find_it_funny2620d ago

Sony should really slap him in the face, he's dreaming or something

DaTruth2620d ago

Why wait? Release GT5 as it is and in 2 years, release GT6 as everything you wanted GT5 to be!

I'm sure GT fans can stand buying 2 GT's, if Forza fans can buy 4 Forzas in that time and still not get a product on par with GT5!

Pwnage2u2620d ago

Whats wrong with a perfectionist?

jc485732620d ago

i've been there and it's not prettible bro.

karl2620d ago

he is kinda crazy.. since no game will ever be perfect he probably would never release it without some deadline xD

gamingdroid2620d ago

Problem with perfectionism is things never get done!

I would know....

Downtown boogey2620d ago

I think the problem is that they don't have enough artists. That's why modeling of cars took so long and that's why the damage modeling is physics based rather than texture and shape based.

BABY-JEDI2620d ago

Maybe his managerial skills should be perfected by hiring more people to model said vehicles ? I think he really should have done this perfect idea LoL

PirateThom2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

It's easy to say that, but managing more people leads to lapse in quality and when you see the sheer detail of those premium cars, nothing comes close... but, at the same time, I think PD could do with a shake up and more staff. Kaz should maybe step down as president and take upon lead design without letting the logistics get in the way and have someone in place to say when enough is enough.

Kaz has too much vision, he wants everything, but there's really no way for him to accomplish it, Sony had to effectively step in and say "the game is coming out" and release it before it was ready, as the vast improvements via the patches have shown, simply because it took away their ability to add new things and shifted focus to perfecting what they have. If someone had done that before the game released, GT5 would have been a solid 9/10 game or higher. It has all the vision and handling you expect from a GT game, but it lacks the polish of a GT game, especially when you compare how stunning some of the graphics in the game are to how horrible others are. That "standard/premium" stuff is something I never thought we would see in a GT game and it's obvious it was just to hit a bullet point. GT5 has about the correct number of "premiums" for an odd numbered GT game.

BABY-JEDI2620d ago

@ pirate thom, much respect & I totally agree with you. Polyphony have had to step up their game for release & pull together their game plan. GT5 is immense, however a new managerial line has to be drawn to present realistic deadlines & a realistic vision of this.

ProjectVulcan2620d ago

Polyphony almost certainly do need more employees for modelling. Turn 10 have three times the number of staff, and even have contracted some for modelling work. GT5 had a huge budget for wages for 100 people over 5 years, maybe they could double their employ and deliver a game in half that time for the same money...?

Of course huge development teams mean that quality control and directing the game become more difficult, a small team is a flexible communicative team. However more staff could really make a big difference to polyphony, more so than a typical developer. Modelling work on a sim racer is something you can usually supervise fairly consistantly- It either looks exactly like the real thing or it doesn't!

gamingdroid2620d ago

Adding more people to a project doesn't necessary equal more productivity. With more people comes a heap of other problems, that is why managing a big team is such a challenge.

ProjectVulcan2620d ago

Ummmm....yeah. I think i said that...and covered it fairly well. Namely the idea that if any developer could benefit from more staff then it would be polyphony.

chidori6662620d ago

perfection of course its a good thing.

gamers want quality from a quality company like polyphony.better game and more content is the result for GT5.

Crazyglues2619d ago (Edited 2619d ago )

Yeah this is the problem, more time can always fix things and add things.. -but then when does the game actually come out?

You just can't develop forever it's ridiculous, instead fix the rest of the stuff in an update if your trying to make perfection..

(it's ok you can come out with a 5 or 10GB update that adds -a parking garage - new tracks - better crash detection - tweaks everything from photos to sound) -that's fine and you can even charge us a 10 bucks or 15 bucks that's fine..

That I can understand, but delaying the game another 2 years would have been ridiculous -Hell in another 2 years it would be time for GT6..


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sinncross2620d ago

Polyphony are rumoured to be t E3. I fully expect them to announce big additions to GT5 including more tracks, more cars, and maybe even the FIA GT and DTM racing genres.

Would be great!

Emilio_Estevez2620d ago

That would be very cool....there were rumors of new tracks b/c people saw some picks of the track logos....Wouldn't be surprised if they added a lot of stuff.

thereapersson2620d ago

Maybe a sequel to Omega Boost or something?

despair2620d ago

they probably are developing something for the NGP so that's probably the primary focus at E3 for them, if they're there.

Nodoze2620d ago

I hope that what they are presenting has NOTHING to do with NGP! I sincerely hope it is more GT5 content. Updates, more polish, more premium cars, and most importantly...more tracks.


sinncross2620d ago

Maybe the announce cloud gaming for GT5 for NGP from the PS3 (something Kojima hinted at).

GT5 is big so maybe it could be like you download parts of the game onto your NGp to play. Like, a single race and a singlec ar from your garage, or more?

THat could be a sweet update (as logn as more cars, tracks etc for the main game come to)

Surfaced2620d ago


The extra 2 years would've been enough to get all 1000 of the cars to the Premium level.

offdawall2620d ago

gt5 sold like 7 million already .... Their good

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