Store trainee steals PS3, loses his '£15,000-a-year job'

A trainee manager at a GAME store in Leamington Spa, England was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £100 after pleading guilty to the theft of a PlayStation 3 from his work.

Since it's company policy to search employees before they leave, David Poulton, 27, placed a PS3 outside the back door of the store and went to pick it up later, according to The Courier.

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bym051d4082d ago

That's like $150,000USD.

Lex Luthor4082d ago

Maths = fail

It's around 30,000 usd.

bym051d4082d ago

It's a joke about the sad state of the USD today, numbnuts.

DiLeCtioN4082d ago

i think its like $30,000 or $20,000 correct me if am wrong people

jaja14344082d ago

yes yes the USD is utter trash now. Hell the Looney is worth more than it! Anyways nothing to see here, move along...move along....

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Lex Luthor4082d ago

With no games to play it wasn't worth it.

AllroundGamer4082d ago

now that was original :D lame...

u got owned4082d ago

@Lex Luthor...

you're way out of line, he probably had some blue ray movies that he wanted to watch. lol

Real Gambler4082d ago

So I guess stealing a Wii, or a 360 was not worth it either ; )

synce4082d ago

I spend more time with the PS3 than the 360, if only because the PS3 actually works. It's kinda hard to appreciate the 360's games when the console breaks down every other month.

poopface14082d ago

yeah shoulda stolen a Wii........................... ..NOOOOOOOOOOOT

PS3n3604082d ago

The guy is r3tarded. Not only did he get caught he was stealing the PS3. If he was smart he wouldnt of been caught and he would of stole a real game system. PS3 gamers are simply that dumb. Funny he was from Lemmington.

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DiLeCtioN4082d ago

OMG with all that money just for woking at GAME he should be able to buy one lmao n btw xbots dun start the expensive price crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.