PS3 hardware sales still slow

The recent hardware sales figures for Japan place Sony's new machine in fourth place. Whilst it may not be all that shocking, this would have been almost unthinkable during the PS2's hey day. The PS3 currently stands behind the DS, PSP and Wii in the latest sales figures from the region.

Sony no doubt hopes that their recent price cut and cheaper entry models will turn these figures around for them. They certainly have an uphill struggle, particularly with the Wii selling like hot cakes. Enterbrain recently had Nintendo's Wii outselling the PS3 by 4-to-1 between Apr. and Sept.

Time will tell as to whether the new price is a tipping point for wider adoption of the PS3. They may well find it is the Christmas short supply of Wii's and 360's that makes the biggest difference in Europe.

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dale14082d ago

wi sales have been dropping big time in japan of late the way they use apr to sep makes the wi look very good but as of late that ratio has being closing to 2-to-1 with the price drop of the ps3 these figures will be so much closer

Lightning Mr Bubbles4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

"They may well find it is the Christmas short supply of Wii’s and 360’s that makes the biggest difference in Europe."

What the F*ck does that mean? There's shortages of 360 in Europe? Or Shortages of other consoles will lead to people buying PS3?

Or is he a fanboy just already predicting that demand for the other 2 consoles will be so high, they won't be able to meet demand?

Stupid article, news please. These articles where someone spits out their opinion or prediction are a dime a dozen.

BLACKJACK VII4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )


gEnKiE4082d ago

LOL. Should of known, another one from you have anything else to do?

Lyberator4082d ago

Yeah? Why don't you go talk to your friend naism or nazism or w/e the hell his name is. (ie. tip section)

fenderputty4082d ago

as I think he gives the rest of us rational PS3 fans a bad name but, Bloodmask is no better then TheMart. It's either 360 news or negative PS3 news. He's biased and finds whatever lame articles he can.

gEnKiE4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

I just think its funny whenever I see a "PS3 sucks" article, its always posted by Bloodmask and yet he claims not to be a fanboy...

beavis4play4082d ago

if it isn't posted by blookmask, then it's round peg.

Lyberator4082d ago

I just think if your going to call out one fanboy why not call out them all.

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ActionBastard4082d ago

Why not post the 360's numbers? We all know the 360's sales will NEVER improve there. And out of the list, which is the most expensive? DS, PSP, Wii or PS3? Hmmm, where's the 360....

Kuest4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

but whether or not the 360 does well in Japan is NOT the question at hand. If it was, I think we would all be able to figure out the answer. Still, let's not forget that the 360 has maintained relatively good sales (in comparison to the "other" competition) in both Europe and the US. The PS3 has not. In essence, what we see happening is the PS3 losing on virtually all fronts. It is dead last (next-gen wise) in America, as well as Europe- and to make matters worse it not doing so hot in Japan.

The 360, while not anything to brag about in the land of the rising sun (it never has been), has managed to do obtain success in the other main console market regions. For this reason alone, the fact that PS3 is doing so poorly in Japan spells more trouble for Sony than MS.

That being said, I expect that PS3's sales will rise significantly after the price cut (as ANY product would according to the law of Economics). Of course, nothing too major since $400 is still above the average, consumer price level.

ActionBastard4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

but it applies to the spin of the article. Looking solely at sales, to say the 360 has sold well, is inaccurate. It is dead in JPN, but that doesn't matter, right? Look at the regions it IS selling in, but compare all 3 when speaking of the PS3. Typical. It's sales have been on a steady decline in the UK and other parts of Europe. Halo 3 was the only thing that briefly jumped their numbers. That's the reality. From a global perspective, the 360 has sold at the same rate as the Xbox 1. The same rate. That isn't good. People forget the PS3 isn't the only gaming console Sony is currently supporting. Let's not forget the PSP and PS2. Both successful and both able to carry the PS3 if need be. What else does MS have?

And speaking of economics, price really only matters if the product in question is at an elastic or inelastic price point. Meaning, the demand would increase as the price drops (elastic) vs. price dropping and demand staying the same (inelastic). Obviously the sentiment is the PS3 is elastic. Price reduction will boost sells. However, $400 is not too high for consumers. First and foremost you have to look at the goods. Staples Easy Button for $400? Yeah, too high. High end electronics? $399 is actually the median price point for those types of goods.

Snukadaman4082d ago

but then again the xbox 360 was 399 also. The other factor is games.

Kuest4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

You will notice that I never say that Japan's sales for the 360 "does not matter". Instead, I say 360's sales position in Japan is not NEARLY as crucial as Sony's- when CONSIDERING the fact that MS has maintained RELATIVELY healthy sales in both EU and US. Meaning in COMPARISON with the PS3, the 360 has managed to stay on top.

Dude, whether or not the 360 has been declining in Europe does not matter because it STILL sells more than the PS3. At this rate, when do you speculate that the PS3 will ever catch up? Seriously, if you think that 360 sales look like Xbox1 than the PS3 sales must look like the gamecube.

And please do not mention the PS2. Its sales are already beginning to stagnate, and Sony's future success will sure as hell NOT be determined by the PS2 alone. It needs the PS3 to do well.


Now I see you added you "economic perspective". Allow me to revise your statements.

First on what basis do you think that the PS3 is elastic? Furthermore, how elastic do you think that the PS3 is? This is all relevant to understanding exactly how much the PS3 will sell. Historically, game consoles reach mass market at a price point of $300 or LESS. Please do not combine gaming consoles with the REST of Electronic products. You make our entire argument look childish. Right now, PS3 has dropped its price to $400 bucks- but is it too late? The competition has already set its price lower and so it is unlikely that a $400 price point will satisfy as many customers as you think.

Kuest4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

you are right. So far, however, what high profile games will the PS3 be releasing that have Mass Market appeal? As a matter of fact, what 360 high-profile game will be released that generates mass-market appeal? Halo 3 was basically the only one. Now, notice I'm not commenting on whether or not either console will release good games- I'm merely asking which game has the sort of consumer appeal to reach a wide variety of gamers and increase console sales SIGNIFICANTLY.

Contrary to what people may think, this holiday will not change too much sales-wise. Wii will remain on top, followed by the 360 and then PS3. Disagree if you want, but I'll be here come New Years to have the last laugh.

Edit: to the Action poster (I don't want to sound rude!)

So where again am I supposed to read about the PS3 selling more in Europe? And STOP comparing the 360 with the Xbox, its plain stupid. If your trying to argue that the 360 will sell just like the Xbox- then I'll say the PS3 will sell the gamecube (both claims are totally false).

Lastly, I don't think it was very smart to use an article about Xbox/ Xbox 360 sales BEFORE the release of Halo 3. I'll see you after NPD. Bastard (I decided to use your full name).

ActionBastard4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

The 360 DOESN'T outsell the PS3 in Europe, you know that COLLECTION of COUNTRIES that makes up EUROPE. In the UK, the sales were declining until Halo 3. It isn't my eyes that tell me the 360 no better than the Xbox 1, it's the real numbers.

And that was with the release of Halo 2.

EDIT: Comparing the 360 to the original Xbox is far from stupid. It has to do with market saturation. Period. Look at all the millions of copies Halo 2 sold, yet, the Xbox 1 sold 2 million more consoles (globally) than the GameCube. Fast forward to now. Halo 3 has sold 5 million copies, but they still sit a 11-11.5 million units. The 360 has peaked and it will become more and more evident in 08. Why? 2009 they roll out the 720. And why compare competing products? Is comparing the Xbox 360 to the Xbox too logical? Is the fact that as of July 2007 it had only sold only 200k more 360's than it did Xboxs in the same amount of time too much? How is the PS3 NOT elastic? Look at the sales figures from dropping from $599 to $499. That will answer your elasticity question. Next, this gen things are different. It isn't like going and buying a Genesis, or hell, a GC and just play games. You can't predict industry specific trends using broad measurements or better yet, outside industry specifics ( i.e. using the fashion industry supply and demand template and apply that to the gaming industry or movie industry). So grouping gaming consoles outside of the "electronics" realm really makes little to no sense. The customary price is what will dictate how fast something flies off the shelves. Unless you're simply trying to prove a misinformed point.

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