Wii to Dominate Holiday Sales, says Analyst

Despite an expected $399 PS3 and new Xbox 360 bundles, simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich anticipates the Wii to outsell the competition this holiday. Divnich says that consumers have likely already made up their minds. Also, in the battle of the bands, Divnich expects Guitar Hero III to fare better than Rock Band.

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bym051d4079d ago

Thanks for the article from the trade publication, "Duh." :)

eagle214079d ago

what sony and ms should cry about the wii? They will laugh straight to the bank. This is 2007, $30 billion industry. Not some 80's game money.

Karebear4078d ago

In other news, Twinkies, the brightly yellow, cute little cake with fluffy fluffy filling is set to dominate the food market in December! While some more "hard core" dieticians doubt the effectiveness of actually eating a Twinkie, fans of the snack have always maintained its not what the snack can do for you, its how much fun it is to actually eat the product.

Sadly after purchasing and eating a Twinkie, while it is fun at first, quickly looses its repeat appeal and many extra Twinkies gather dust as jealous friends look upon its multicolored, brightly packaged goodness.

Fans of the higher priced multi-grain granola bar point to its high nutritional value, while many question its actual taste. "Where did the fun go?" many ask.

There was no comment from the Soylant Green Energy bar manufacturers whose slogan, "It doesn't matter what the cost is as long as its HARD COOOORRRRRRE!" continues to appeal mainly to those in the United States.

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otherZinc4078d ago

The Wii cant sell 3rd party software, period.