Closer Look At PS3 User Interface

The user interface of the Sony PS3 is one of the most important aspects of the next-gen console as it allows you to navigate and gain access to all of the important features of the console. Sony has come out and talked about the interface of the PS3 revealing a lot of information.

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Almighty4079d ago

What a boring, generic and lame interface. Looks exactly like the PSP.

Blood_Spiller4079d ago

I think the uniformity between the PS3 and the PSP interface is one of the many positives about the XMB.

Kyur4ThePain4079d ago

Sony will use the XMB on other electronic devices, like audio receivers, TVs etc.
Get used to it.

Noodlecup4079d ago

Ask any professional in the web/software design industry and they'll tell you that today simplicity is the key, Microsoft unfortunately have made a dashboard as ugly as some of the gadgets found in Windows Vista, it looks like someone ate a box of crayons and vomited.

The PS3's dashboard is sleek and stylish, it doesn't need a mcdonalds advertisement or a paid-for wallpaper to look good.

d3l33t4079d ago

I like it, they just need to incorporate the features that are possible with this system. They released the system, know the true potential of a networked console, video, audio, and game distribution and its totally under utilized. They could download track info for music, stream full movies for pennies, and implement blue tooth phone calls with VOIP technology, but they haven't yet. They must be waiting for something.

MikeGdaGod4079d ago

you can already download info for music cd's and stream movies from different websites.

d3l33t4079d ago

ya man but if i could stream Resident Evil on bluray for 3.99 tonight, i would invite one of my ladies over, make a bag of popcorn, and enjoy high def. You Tube videos dont cut it.

wicked4079d ago

It's very similar to Windows media centrer.

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The story is too old to be commented.