COD4 All Weapons and Equipment Leaked

A simple route around the demo files have led to a big discovery. A complete list of the multiplayer and singleplayer weapons in Call Of Duty 4. To find the list open up iw_02.iwd with WinRAR then open the single or multiplayer folders. Or just click the link below and treated with the entire list.

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Thanks for the info! Can't wait till the 6th of November.

kornbeaner4081d ago

Some items on the list are incorrect.

cod4forums4081d ago

No they aint. Its directly from the official demo. It cant be incorrect.

kornbeaner4081d ago

Then how do you explain the AC-130 and a Humvee 50 cal being listed under multiplayer??

these are vechicle listings and there are no vehicles in Multiplayer.

Not trying to be an ass, it's just there are pieces of code and text that are not going to be implemented at release.

nobizlikesnowbiz4081d ago

Well, maybe they're counting the AC-130 in multiplayer as you can call it in as a gunship. But that would imply that you call in a Humvee for support too.

Wouldn't that be pretty sweet if you could call in a Humvee to start blasting away with his .50?

AC-130 would decimate that though. I'm hoping you can call that in. The "Spectre" gunship is pretty nasty.

GoD_tattoo4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

I took screenshots of my files. Here they are on my site...check em out..

4081d ago
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