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Bloody, brazen and as tongue-in-cheek as always, Mortal Kombat preys on your nostalgia perfectly, but, though it feels it’s trying to add finesse to combat through meters and combos, it ultimately feels somewhat slow and disjointed.

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hay2529d ago

Yup, reviewer didn't get the idea behind MK.

Well, it's NowGamer, they can hardly handle something fresh and different.

NJShadow2529d ago

OK, after taking another look at the review (which I'm sure they were hoping I would do), I noticed that it says that Mortal Kombat is worse than Fighters Uncaged.

OK, now I can unapologetically say that this guy is an absolute moron who wouldn't know a good game if he designed it himself.

And considering that his profile says "Ken Masters is god.", I think this was an absolutely biased review, by an overly-avid Street Fighter fan, nothing more.

s8anicslayer2529d ago

Reviewer>>>>> "Feel the wrath of Shao Khan!"

Venox20082529d ago

very very very fail review .... FINISH HIM!! :)

g-nome2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

FAILTALITY! (Just the demo alone is an 8/10)

NJShadow2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

This is when the "critical checklist" just fails... hard. Seldom do I find reviews lame, because it is opinion, but this is just that... lame. I don't think the guy even tried to have fun the entire time he was reviewing the game, just went down the ol' checklist. Crying shame...

And I agree with g-nome, the demo alone is worthy of a high score.

Darth Stewie2529d ago

They gave it a 6 because they mad only PS3 has a exclusive character.

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The story is too old to be commented.