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NowGamer: Mortal Kombat Review

Bloody, brazen and as tongue-in-cheek as always, Mortal Kombat preys on your nostalgia perfectly, but, though it feels it’s trying to add finesse to combat through meters and combos, it ultimately feels somewhat slow and disjointed. (Mortal Kombat, PS3, Xbox 360) 6.1/10

ps3bestever  +   1467d ago
Fail review
hay  +   1467d ago
Yup, reviewer didn't get the idea behind MK.

Well, it's NowGamer, they can hardly handle something fresh and different.
NJShadow  +   1467d ago
OK, after taking another look at the review (which I'm sure they were hoping I would do), I noticed that it says that Mortal Kombat is worse than Fighters Uncaged.

OK, now I can unapologetically say that this guy is an absolute moron who wouldn't know a good game if he designed it himself.

And considering that his profile says "Ken Masters is god.", I think this was an absolutely biased review, by an overly-avid Street Fighter fan, nothing more.
s8anicslayer  +   1467d ago
Reviewer>>>>> "Feel the wrath of Shao Khan!"
Venox2008  +   1467d ago
very very very fail review .... FINISH HIM!! :)
g-nome  +   1467d ago
FAILTALITY! (Just the demo alone is an 8/10)
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NJShadow  +   1467d ago
This is when the "critical checklist" just fails... hard. Seldom do I find reviews lame, because it is opinion, but this is just that... lame. I don't think the guy even tried to have fun the entire time he was reviewing the game, just went down the ol' checklist. Crying shame...

And I agree with g-nome, the demo alone is worthy of a high score.
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Darth Stewie  +   1467d ago
They gave it a 6 because they mad only PS3 has a exclusive character.
Kurt Russell  +   1467d ago
Stealth troll!
stb  +   1467d ago
Made me lol
news4geeks  +   1467d ago
good review. mortal kombat has never quite gotten the controls right.
NJShadow  +   1467d ago
What "controls"? Up, down, left, right, punch, kick. Doesn't seem so hard to me...

I also wonder if you've played the demo, because the combo abilities are actually quite good, and this is coming from someone who enjoys both Street Fighter AND Mortal Kombat.
Veneno  +   1467d ago
normally you'd be right, but the controls on the mk9 demo are smooth like butter. but yeah everything before was like moving like the Tinman.
rezzah  +   1467d ago
They probably expect there to be no variety in character fighting style.

He must mean or want it to be simple punch punch and kick kick attacks like the early MK games....

Scyrus  +   1467d ago
its still stiff as EFF.

how can a 5 year old game called dead or alive 4 be Eons smoother than a brand new game?

simple, they just cant do animation right. the stances are stiff, the combos are stiff, and kratos, omg, his swords shrunk and he forgot how to whip them out! (i know its for sake of balance)

besides the blood, the best kratos is soul calibur kratos on the psp, it fights the way kratos does and doesnt make him look like he's holding back the entire fight
Ace_1975  +   1467d ago
I played the demo it's a very basic noob fighter that deserves 6/10 Street Fighter rips it a new ass.

MK is for noobs who like gore
g-nome  +   1467d ago
So that is 90% of us then.
Sitris  +   1467d ago
I'm sorry but tekkan destroys all other fighting games..........

Legionaire2005  +   1467d ago
Tekken is the same crap since Tekken 3. Soul Calibur has evolve more than Tekken did. Heck Tekken Tag Tournament 2 looks the same with nothing new.
richierich  +   1467d ago
@Ace_1975 Have you played the full game? If not then you shouldnt be judging the full game just because you didnt like the demo
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Scyrus  +   1467d ago
this is true, MK is just for people who like easy fighting games with gore, the nostalgia is there too. but honestly, till they can atleast animate their characters as good as the ps2 version of dead or alive, they will never come closse to rivaling DOA, soul calibur, virtua fighter or even tekken.

althooooough, they consider themselves a 2d fighter, and blazblue, mvc3 and SF destroy it comepletly
Genki  +   1467d ago
Whether or not you agree with the verdict, you shouldn't shun a negative review just because it's negative. I read them together with the positive ones so I can get a more complete picture of what to expect. SOMETIMES they're right.

Case in point: MK4 got rave reviews when it was released, and personally I think that game is a disaster, and when the dust settled(initial excitement wears off), most agreed.

This one looks immensely better than the last 4 games in the series, however, and the story seems excellent when compared to the fiasco that was MK:A. I'll be picking it up either way, but there's nothing wrong with a negative review, per se.
swishersweets20031  +   1467d ago
This review guy must be smoking too much crack.
RedSoakedSponge  +   1467d ago
what a cock

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