Xbox Japan Confuses Game’s PS3 Version With Xbox 360

On the latest installment of Xbox Japan's Inside Xbox, a bunch of games for this April were introduced. Some of the games are Xbox exclusives, some of them, like WRC: FIA World Rally Championship, are not.

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dontbhatin2587d ago

TY for a pointless article.

PandaJenkins2587d ago

It's by Bashcraft, off course it is pointless.

Corrwin2587d ago

It always amuses me when marketeers and salesmen can't tell the difference between their asses and a hole in the ground.

It isn't difficult, is it? "Hey, we're being paid to represent the 360... I guess we'd better just troll Youtube for clips"

BinkyStalls2587d ago

what is this IGN, Gametrailers ?