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IncGamers: An early game of the year candidate and one that will take some beating. Masterful.

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syrinx2677d ago

I never played the first one but I think I am going to have to go for it. This sound great.

iistuii2677d ago

Ain't my type of game at all. It's a little dull and the puzzles got on my nearves in the 1st one, maybe cause I'm thick lol. Glad it's got great scores for the folks that like it, good. Luck to it.

distorted_reality2677d ago

The second one has a lot more going on than the first story wise. Some of the puzzles later in the game can get fairly tough though, so if you found the first difficult I wouldn't recommend this.

iistuii2677d ago

It's getting such great scores and I may give it a go when it's cheaper, I've bought Socom this week, and that's not got great reviews, gulp...

Xulfxulf2677d ago

Ready for cow gib potal plz!

Oh wait, wrong game...

iamironman2676d ago

amazing game. great review. deserves the high scores.