Hellgate: London PC Hands-on: The 3D Diablo we've been waiting for?

Hellgate: London's been a long time in development, but it's finally gone into a closed pre-release testing stage that appears to be hovering somewhere between alpha and beta. Having secured a place on the trial, CVG cheerfully clicked all the boxes and playfully set up their accounts, before jumping into the action and splashing around like idiots.

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RelloC4078d ago

No, it is not. Mr. Roper should be ashamed.

Azures4078d ago

Diablo III it is not, but a VERY good game. In the beta atm and its extremely fun, the battles get insane lol.

Not sure how pvp will work in the game since its not in yet but the pve is actually entertaining.

RelloC4078d ago

im in the beta also, but it is already seeming repetative for me. I think the randomly generated EVERYTHING doesnt work quite like it should. Like you see the same pub over and over again, there are very limited textures from what ive seen so far. PVP also has me curious as to how hey will handle that end. So far it seems Marksman would just destroy any and everything in a pvp situation. not a bad game, i just had seriously high expectations after the "Diablo 3" hype. I will probably buy it on halloween still just to try out the final product and witness the pvp.

Relientk774078d ago

i WANT this game and it looks sooo good... but i also want my Diablo 3