UT3 is coming to 360, Epic reaffirms

Responding to a reported quote from Epic president Mike Capps that Unreal Tournament 3 was "just on PS3," VP Mark Rein has reaffirmed to CVG that the deathmatch shooter is still coming to Xbox 360 next year.

"We are going to release UT3 on Xbox 360 in 2008," confirmed Rein.

Regarding the game's performance, Rein explained, "I would think most of the people who read CVG would actually be able to get a great experience with Unreal Tournament III. We spent a considerable amount of time and effort making sure that gamers will be able to enjoy UTIII even with older gaming rigs," he added.

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ShiftyLookingCow3842d ago

well not a big surprise 360 version is still around. not point in canceling an easy port. But as for the higher quality content not included in the beta demo, now it makes sense why my mostly crippled comp did very well with it.

Mr_Kuwabara3842d ago

I own only a PS3 but I feel embarrassed of having it because of people like you.

Keep it up and you're going to die a virgin.

jay33841d ago

Haha, awesome. Bubble for you.

godofthunder103841d ago

i agree with you,if fanboys from both sides stop acting like 10 year olds fighting over a kid game system.if they were really game fans like they claim then they would realize that you need both systems to enjoy all the good games and as far as sony fanboys saying that the 360 graphics is just like the first xbox is just a bias remark because it has great graphics and game play.the ps3 isn't any better then the 360 and the 360 isn't any better then the ps3 and that's a fact.the majority of game programers said that they were really equal in power because of the way that they were made and that's a fact.the fanboys need to get a life and stop fighting over kid games before they get old and realize that they are by theirself,so they need to get out and enjoy life and get their heads out of a kid toy.

jorellpogi3841d ago

there's a UT3 on 360 next year then i'm satisfied.

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MrWonderful3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

This is already known. who cares if it comes out on 360 or ps3. Im tired of seeing this sh!t. you ladies have a fun time with this flame bait

edit: sonysoldiers as much as i would like to agree with you. consoles will never beat the pc in terms of content or graphics.

TheHater3842d ago

and who said it wasn't coming to the 360? Wait did I miss something or what? because this game was always coming to the 360

omansteveo3842d ago

There was an article post a couple days ago that said it had gotten cancelled

unlimited3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

No one said it got canceled it was just a rumor. and people was guessing that it MIGHT not come to the 360..because they didnt mention the xbox360 version at all..even their main xbots will get the game but it will be in a few months.. TIME EXCLUSIVE..hehe..

SuicidalTendencies3842d ago

He is confirming cause of this....

I think it was ridiculous to think it wasn't coming to the 360. Epic is a good dev that likes to bring their games to everyone(if they can).

TheHater3842d ago

Bubbles for all you guys for explaining this to me. Thanks

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Jandre023842d ago

Haha I wonder what he's getting at with that?

360Jamaican40GigFL3842d ago

hes talking about older not as powerful pc systems aszhole cus epic always make unreal be able to run on pc's that arent very powerful

Ravenator5293842d ago

I read that part of the article and I wondered how long it was going to take for some fanboy to smash the 360 due to misinterpretation. Well, not including replys, it only took four posts.

Anyone with half a brain would have known he was talking about PC's.

Nameless3842d ago

The Sony Droids just got owned

fury3842d ago

Why? Because they get the game first?

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