Rare Questions Microsoft's Marketing of Viva Piñata

Viva Piñata developer Rare has questioned why its owner Microsoft decided to back Gears of War with such a high-profile marketing campaign, which left its own new franchise in the shadows last Christmas.

Software engineer James Thomas feels that the new family-friendly IP lost out to Epic's Gears of War, which enjoyed a much bigger marketing budget from Microsoft, helping it top the charts all over the world.

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SuicidalTendencies4075d ago

I'm gonna side with Rare on this one. They made a very fun and entertaining game with Viva Pinata. They should have given the same type of marketing as Gears or Halo. This game could have sold a lot better.

jcgamer4075d ago

besides J Allard or Peter Moore name checking it...I didn't know what genre or anything specific...Gears certainly overshadowed Viva...

Dukester1014075d ago

While a childrens game at heart, the core of the game was for older players looking for a relaxing moment raising pinatas, flowers, fruits, and keeping all things happy.

It was a huge underrated game, and I enjoyed playing it when Gears of War was becoming monotonous. It definitely should have had more marketing. That would have made the Xbox look like it DID have children's games, and wasnt just a "FPS" console.

DarkSniper4075d ago

They shouldnt have signed up with Micro$oft. Because of this, Viva Pinata will lose out to the better marketed Little Big Planet. That's Rare's mistake...Oh well


chester4075d ago

i don't think it would've mattered what kind of marketing viva had, it wouldn't have come anywhere close to the more innovative and exciting littlebigplanet.
i loved viva pinata. i still play it every once in awhile as a relaxing and fun game without taking it too seriously. i picked it up because of word of mouth. i originally saw the previews and all that and thought it looked like a retarded kiddy game that i'd never touch. i read some reviews and heard some good things so i picked it up. word of mouth is honestly the best marketing that this game had, as it's appeal was far more then just it's look.
LBP is something completely different then basically everything out there today. it's best marketing is showing people that's it's unlike anything out there today. it's the reason i have a ps3 (i bought it almost a year before LBP comes out just for that game) because of what i've seen about it.
bottom line, viva isn't losing out to littlebig because of marketing.

Zhuk4075d ago

500,000 copies sold is pretty respectable imo, but with some more marketing muscle it could have topped a million, a great game

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The story is too old to be commented.