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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be using the same Game Engine

Hoping that Modern Warfare 3 will be a step forward? Sorry to let you down. Infinity Ward‘s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling revealed that the game will be built using the same engine as MW2, since the developers view the idea of creating a new engine as “counter-productive. That means it's safe to say that Battlefield 3 will take the point in graphics. We probably won't see a new game engine for a little while. (Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Dev, Infinity Ward, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Kon  +   1252d ago
meh. Battlefield 3 is where the fun is. Forget this CoD crap.
Blad3star  +   1252d ago
I hope that after BlackOps people have seen how much of a rehash COD is now.

Black Ops was not a bad came but no where near worth $60.
Warprincess116  +   1252d ago
Um... Ever heard of the saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
ProjectNaTL  +   1252d ago
Warprincess, it actually is broke. Hit detection and power still blows.
sdtarm  +   1252d ago
Do you mean the same engine that is based on a quake engine from like 4~ years ago?

GTFO the whole game sucks
BattleAxe  +   1252d ago
Prequil + Old Game Engine = Crap
Danielmccue  +   1252d ago
My current play time is around 4 days. i'd say i got my moneys worth out of it.
Kleptic  +   1252d ago

it has some base code from Quake III...that is almost 12 years old...Cod4's variation of the engine is what dropped 4 years ago, which was significantly better than any past CoD offerings...but the engine hasn't changed much since...
AAACE5  +   1252d ago
You can bash CoD all you want, but despite its flaws, it is the closest to what gamers want to play!

Most shooter gamers prefer stuff they can relate to, such as known stuff like military current and past gear and stories based on real war events!

So while games like Halo and Killzone sell well, people like me aren't into the futuristic nerd dreams of those games!Not to mention the gameplay of other games like Halo and Killzone don't excite much!

When i'm playing CoD (even though i'm playing with unknown @ssholes) I feel like I am part of a team! I feel like I have to get somewhere and help out... Even gets my heartbeat raised a little at times! I don't feel any of that with other shooters! It feels more like i'm just wasting time.

Rainbow Six Vegas had that same effect on me, which is why I can't wait for another one of those to come out with better graphics and controls. But until then... I'll be posted up playing whatever Cod comes out. Hopefully Battlefield 3 can distract me, because I hsted the Bad Company games.
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Rainstorm81  +   1252d ago
Yea i gotta agree. @twisty

I have played a great deal of COD since the first MW and this game is as far from team oriented as it gets.

Actually this is probably the most Lone Wolf accessible FPS on the market.
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Sony360  +   1252d ago

So you'll buy more of the same rather than something new?

I'd say it's your money that's being wasted, but it's people like you who keep these guys in profit and starting dlc-pricing trends, not to mention the higher retail prices.

You'd think with all of the millions they made they'd be putting it into some new tech, but it looks like they'd rather hold onto the cash and just milk more money, which people like you will gladly give them.

P.S. Battlefield games are just plain better online.
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firefoxprime  +   1252d ago
Better watch yourself Activision...people are becoming less and less stupid by the year. We're not putting up with your weak sequels anymore.
Kevin ButIer  +   1251d ago
Outdated shit
X-DominusRebellis-X  +   1251d ago
Sorry what? Modern Warfare 3? Same engine? Same crap with nothing new? Sorry, I was too busy getting excited over BC3 :P
badz149  +   1252d ago
everybody with a brain
can see this coming from miles away! this engine will be used until next PS and XBox are announced!
tmoss726  +   1252d ago
Nah till people stop buying the game I bet.
mac_sparrow  +   1252d ago
I agree with Tmoss, the only way you're going to be served up a better game is by sending them the message that we've eaten this dish before, we want something better; and that needs to be done with your wallets.

Personally I'm not a fan of CoD,and I do believe they need a new engine to stay relevant; but look at it from their side.

Should we create a new engine and increase our workload and production time by a huge margin? Well, we still sold millions the last time we didn't bother, so even if we sell half that it still makes more business sense than investing in a new engine.

Don't agree with the outlook but there it is.
darksied  +   1251d ago

Who is sending them a message? The thousand or so of us who understand the argument here, or the millions who do not go to these sites and don't understand the problem. They will throw down $60+ dollars just because it says CoD on the front. New engine? Better graphics? That doesn't matter to them, only the fact that it's a Call of Duty game. It's become like the Apple thing, where people will buy it up regardless of how many (few) people are complaining that it's not that new or great.
JUDALATION  +   1252d ago
Whats even worse... Is that the code that call of duty uses in all its engines are super easy to crack.... so dont be suprised it two weeks in you are being shot by a pistol shooting out rockets or a single fire that has smg fire rate after the hackers get their hands on this 10 year old code... Heck they can just transfer their mw2 cheats to MW3 on day one!
Zydake  +   1251d ago
Scary69  +   1251d ago
@ Kon

Could not have said it better, would not be buying a COD but will see what BF has to offer as the release date gets closer.
SignifiedSix  +   1251d ago
Yep, no more COD garbage for me anymore.. I'll be using up all my free time on the god of FPS shooters... Battlefield 3! :D
SignifiedSix  +   1251d ago
Amen to that!!!
Shadow0  +   1251d ago
I'm not buying another CoD game for a long time.
Dart89  +   1252d ago
Only people who have thier heads up high in the sky would think that IW would use a new engine.Either way the engine looks outdated.So roll on out BF3 with you're superb graphics.
Ducky  +   1252d ago
For a game running at 60fps, MW2 looked quite good.
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BattleAxe  +   1252d ago
It certainly looked better than Black ops.
Kleptic  +   1252d ago
I wouldn't say it 'looked better'...or at least on any technical level...but MW2 definitely ran better in every conceivable way...blops was trash at release, and still is...
hennessey86  +   1252d ago
bf3 on pc
will have great graphics, but it remains to be seen what it will look like on consoles. cod will run at 60 fps and hopefully will be free of all the shiity bugs that have ruined the last couple of cod games
MRMagoo123  +   1252d ago
There is no way on earth it will have no bugs there will be loads of them same as all the others itll be a glitch fest for months then when they fix those ones new ones will be found.
Zydake  +   1251d ago
Dart89  +   1251d ago
U mad bro??
Zydake  +   1251d ago
Yeah I am why go on an article about a game series you dislike posting negative comments its stupid and not needed
fluffydelusions  +   1252d ago
Er a mw3 article with bf3 video?
ProjectNaTL  +   1252d ago
PygmelionHunter  +   1252d ago
"Hoping that Modern Warfare 3 will be a step forward? Sorry to let you down. Infinity Ward‘s Creative Strategist Robert Bowling revealed that the game will be built using the same engine as MW2"

I know this won't happen but, you could still make the best shooter ever on that engine and people would still bitch about it looking similar to past COD games, graphics are not everything. Besides what's with the BF3 video? Did the writer/uploader wait for news like this to be revealed to bash COD and say that BF3 will be better?
ProjectNaTL  +   1252d ago
I hate Battlefield. I'm a CoD "fanboy," as some call it. I only played BFBC1, and nothing after. I've played from CoD 4 til now, CoD 7. I just put it as a preview of the graphic engine, I have now removed it.
gamingdroid  +   1252d ago
I felt like I wasted my money on Battlefield 2 and regretted that purchase. However, I can't wait for MW3!

Bring it on!
mac_sparrow  +   1252d ago
true, graphics aren't everything, but a new engine could be built from the ground up to allow them to achieve new aspects in their game. For example, enhanced physics, destructible scenery etc.

Graphics aren't everything, but engines aren't just graphics.
madjedi  +   1252d ago
" I know this won't happen but, you could still make the best shooter ever on that engine and people would still bitch about it looking similar to past COD games, graphics are not everything."

Any developer, cod related under activision, isn't going to make the best shooter ever on this engine period, part of the reason the engine is flat out too damn old.

The other part is neither the remainder of infinity ward or treyarc as a whole is ether talented enough or allowed to make a game remotely close to the best shooter of all time.

For fairness sake, 3rd part not every thinks cod's play style is that good.

Both mw2 and blops had problems badly, mw2 broken overpowered perks and glitches and blops was just broken.

As much as i hate the halo series, i'll bet $100 that bungie could make a cod game with more quality than the last 2 or 3 cod games combined in their sleep.

Every other fps dev is using either a brand new engine or is wiping it's ass with cod's sub hd resolution visuals with 60 fps with the same completely static backgrounds.

Better visuals, better physics, destruction, better ai, larger environments ect cod has none of these, which is why it's irrelevant in every area of moving the genre forward as a whole, but it sells like crazy.

Almost every other major shooter, brings more to the table with their latest offerings than the cod series does, cod hasn't really evolved much to me, from when it was called medal of honor yrs ago on pc.
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2fk  +   1252d ago
ugh here we go again...not surprising though =/
RonXD  +   1252d ago
Battlefield 3 baby.
Chnswdchldrn  +   1252d ago
In other news water is wet
SLLCKGT  +   1250d ago
When you run, you travel faster
T3MPL3TON  +   1252d ago
CoD + Old game engine = People still being retarded enough to buy it.

I've always liked the battlefield series more but holy crap this doesn't even KINDA get me interested in CoDMW3.
cycofoo831  +   1252d ago
haha if it aint broke dont fix it does not apply to game development ever because, there is nothing perfect about any game and that's where imrpovements come in. Last Centuries graphics do not make a new generation of video games you tards who think the graphics are fine.
wenaldy  +   1252d ago

*Shao Kahns voice*
BX81  +   1252d ago
I would love to end your being, based off your avatar alone. True story... This map pack for black ops is the only COD map pack I haven't even bothered to read an article on. I can't support a crappy game any more. If anyone is smart the next COD game will be a COD4 remake with better graphics!
Black102WingS  +   1252d ago
Why bother change anything when the sheeps keeps on buying their game and making them one hell of a profit each and every year? Lol
ShadowReaper14  +   1252d ago
if this is true it's bad move by the developers... this engine was used on a game made in 2007 (cod4) i think it's time for an upgrade.
damnyouretall  +   1252d ago
well what could mw3 do differenty? or perhaps improve upon using the same engine. i cant think of shit.
gam3fr33k  +   1252d ago
I love it how people don't seem to get that the same engine DOESN'T mean we're getting the same type of game. I'll give cod the benefit of the doubt cuz as much as people complain, they still bought world at war, mw2, and black ops. BF3 will be tough competition though, but you never know what can happen.
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NarooN  +   1252d ago
CoD4, WaW, MW2, and Black Ops were all practically the same games, yet you're gonna give them benefit of the doubt?

madjedi  +   1252d ago

As stagnant as the cod series is, do you really expect anything unique you fool. Twilght made a hell of alot of money, doesn't make it any less of a horrible series though.

It will be another nonsense story, same multiplayer problems because they won't do a beta before it's released. Really how sh*tty is your quality assurance control system, when all 3 platforms have problems weeks after launch and you make those kind of sales numbers.

And the same arcade run and gun idiots, that think their hot sh^t with no recoil guns, retarded 10 ft knifing and overpowered perks, switch to mag(especially) or battlefield games and then see how good you really are.
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gam3fr33k  +   1250d ago
Nowhere in my comment did I say the cod series has a good story and has problem free online. BF3 looks amazing and it will probably be really fun. All I'm saying is MW3 hasnt even been announced yet. So instead of looking like a tool and trashing a game before there are ANY details given, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Everyone's on the bash cod bandwagon when half of them bought all the games. Just seems a little funny
Rixynator  +   1252d ago
When I first got CODMW2 I was like wow this game is awesome then I got Black Ops (pirate) for PC and I was like same old then I got Killzone 3 for PS3 I was like man this game kicks ass I got a clan on that and they wanted me back on CODMW2 and when I got on it I was like I can't believe I actually bought this game it freaking sucks. Then I saw Battlefield 3 even tho I boycott EA games and I was like why did I even buy Killzone 3. Sorry Infinity Ward I will now boycott you.
S2580  +   1252d ago
if you just stop and think, and compare the innovation and complex gameplay brought to the table by cod over the years and compare it to something generic like portal.... o wait a second
NarooN  +   1252d ago
Comment of the Month right here. +bubbles
DAS692  +   1246d ago
Reborn  +   1252d ago
Didn't something like this get posted long ago?

Well, no surprise here.
NarooN  +   1252d ago
Same engine? Great. Not like I was gonna buy this crap anyway, but haha!

Sub-HD resolution on consoles, game struggling to maintain 60fps, crappy matchmaking, crappy netcode, crappy hit-registry, washed-out outdated visuals, etc.

Yet millions will gladly drop their pants and hand Activision $60 yet again for another mundane, run-of-the-mill, recycled generic FPS.
PS360PCROCKS  +   1252d ago
This is a given...didn't they state this already months ago? Of course it's counter productive! They only made like a kazillion dollars in the past 5 years.
amateratsu  +   1252d ago
i may have to migrate, i am so tired of these half assed games.
hadouken007  +   1252d ago
Acquiescence  +   1252d ago
There's no way they can justify this bullcrap...
You might as well just buy the same game year in, year out. What a gyp.
LordZ  +   1252d ago
Watch and learn boys, this is how you kill a franchise. Courtesy of activision.
Haseo106  +   1252d ago
Same game engine? They don't see how massive Battlefield 3 is. MW3 will be an Epic Fail if they use the same engine.
Nate-Dog  +   1252d ago
I'm incredibly surprised!!!

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1252d ago
HOLY CRAP! do they not understand that selling the nearly exact same game with the same engine every year makes their games suck. you can tell by the comments on this page that people are understanding what's going on, but no activision struck gold with cod4 so they're cashing in on it every year and sadly it's working. I'm so sick of call of duty. if there is a time that making a new engine would be the least counter-productive then it's now.
BeastlyRig  +   1252d ago
"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be using the same Game Engine"


BF3 wins!!
Psycho_Mantis  +   1252d ago
Maybe some people dont like to play the same game four years in a row when these devs tweak little things and call it "new"? I suppose you get what you paid for....

Oh well, good thing my last Cod was MW2. Not onto BF3! And i got my BF3 beta ready to go when that hits. :D
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Agent_hitman  +   1252d ago
Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 will be a crap game for PS3, why????

Because Treyarch the creator of Black ops ported that game badly on PS3. tsk tsk tsk.

And I will not be surprise if that COD MW3 will be another bad port for PS3, cause I have a strong feeling that Sledgehammer games is not alone developing that game, they've got TREYARCH sh!t on their back..

But then, I'm not saying that it will happen, that is just my speculation cause these days they have a bad reputation on PS3 community because of what they did on Black ops PS3 version....
jjank11  +   1252d ago
If they add servers without an extra fee, i'm in. (and add some more game modes for Hardcore players). Whenever I play CoD it always ends up being 4 or WaW and sometimes MW2. The CoD series got really bland and how much more can they milk it.
I'm just waiting for Battlefield 3. No CoD for me this year unless my friends give me some money to buy a copy to play with them.
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