PS3 40GB w/Spiderman Best Buy Screenshot

More evidence that the 40GB is on its way...a screenshot of Best Buy's inventory system...

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Sevir043999d ago

as availibe in stores ... Sony Sony Sony... out with it already

shodown193999d ago

Pretty good bundle. While I dont agree with the features taken out of the 40gb(backwards compatibility), there's always the option to buy the 500 or 600 dollar version as well. I dont think the issue will be as big as people make it out to be and the system will spike sales.

It does make me feel very fortunate to have snagged the launch 60gb version of the PS3 due to the fact it seems to have the most packed features on the inside. But only tech junkies pay attention to this. The 400.00 PS3 is an attractive price to the casual consumer who is looking for a next gen experience.

I'm happy about it because if the sales do increase, I benefit by having an even larger online service, more competition. Plus developers will pay attention and hopefully be convinced that PS3 is a swell platform to develop for and make great games with.

Devr3999d ago


Sweet a freaking pet spider with a PS3!!! :D:D

Oh, Spiderman 3... right...

gunnerforlife3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

itsy bitsy 360 going down the water drain, up came the ps3 and took the 360 back down the drain where it first belonged:D:D

Sangheili853999d ago

odd my store lists they arrive on the 2nd of November.

jorellpogi3999d ago

this is good news to non PS3 owners waiting to jump to PS3 bandwagon.

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The story is too old to be commented.