Saints Row: The Third - Screenshots, Artworks and Costumes in High-Res

Check out all the screenshots, artworks and costumes for Saints Row: The Third.

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ExitToExisT2530d ago

meh the graphics are the same as saints row 2. can't understand why it doesnt have visuals like the red faction series.

warrior99882530d ago

people like saints row because of the fun lol

HellzAssassin2530d ago

The graphics are actually quite a bit better from what I can tell....

Even so, Red Faction doesn't come even close to how incredible SR2 is... gameplay wise :)

Hazmat132530d ago

suck it GTA. lol huge dildo as a weapon.

trainsinrdr2530d ago

it better be at least 4p coop, 2 is simply not enought to keep me interested