Nintendo President defends high 3DS stock levels

Nintendo of America president, Reggie Fils-Aime, has defended Nintendo's stocking strategy for the Nintendo 3DS, in an interview with USA Today. This follows a month where Nintendo sold under 400,000 Nintendo 3DS's, over 460,000 DS's and 290,000 Wii's. A total of over 1.1 million consoles in one month alone. A high level of sales, when the world is still experiencing the aftermath of the recession and banking crisis'

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PhilipLarkin2530d ago

It's odd it hasn't sold so fast.

Pin-Pin-Ire2530d ago

You have to consider that Apple's iPad was released last month as well as Pokemon Black and White for the DS.

I also blame poor marketing. With the iPad you could go into any shop selling one and test it out. I have not encountered any store that has a 3DS on display. Personally I won't buy a 3DS until I have actually tested it out to see what the fuss is about.

iamnsuperman2530d ago

That is a point. A new device especially one that incorporates 3D it is essential to try it out. I am not sure why Nintendo didn't go down this route

plb2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Gamestop and bestbuy have them on display. At least here in NYC anyway.

@below yeah tried it myself and definitely got the feeling I'd have a terrible headache after an extended period and I only play sf4 for about 5 minutes.

conjurdevil2530d ago


you would buy a 3DS only if you were a avid DS user I tested it out at a invitation only gamestop before launch test party and I could not take the glasses-less-3D but that was just me.

Rainstorm812530d ago

Im in the Wash DC area and best buys around here have them on display. I tried one out and it was ok didnt mind the 3d, but it wasnt mind blowing but then again i was playing Pilotwings.

Id like to try out SSF4-3d, but as of now im more looking forward to the NGP, With apple's Ipad being new handheld competition, Sony has a chance to capitalize as the NGP tech seems more comparable to the Ipad than that of the 3DS, but hey its still early, and 3DS has quite some time on the market as the only next gen dedicated gaming handheld.

Active Reload2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I walked past the 3DS display in Walmart and they had a decent stock. What I also noticed was that there were only like 3 games being showcased with the stock. The $250 price tag was hovering over it, and I instantly thought, "People aren't going to invest $250 with only 3 games to play." They had Steeldriver, SFIV and I can't remember the other one.

RedDragan2530d ago

I blame Pin-Pin, where ever he goes carnage ensues. He was in Iraq once and all of sudden missiles rained down on the city of Baghdad.

For shame.

matey2530d ago

every hmv has 1 go and ask to play PES on the thing it will blow u away m8 i did it and bought 1

heroicjanitor2530d ago

The problem is no games. When a decent game comes out it will probably pick up.

ChickeyCantor2530d ago

if you have a smal gaming shop you could just ask if they could show you the 3DS.
Of course its all up their policy, but I was allowed to play with one.

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VampiricDragon_2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Its not odd at all. Here it comes non gamers. This was released during a non holiday it takes years to build a library of games and your all bitching and moaning after 1 month on the US market? Get lives guys

matey2530d ago

price its the most expensive handheld in a long while

VampiricDragon_2530d ago

the psp was the exact same price at launch.......this is what I mean about non gamers posting on here

JsonHenry2530d ago

The only reason this thing has not sold like crazy is launch titles are either lame or remakes of games everyone has already played.

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TheEatingChampagne2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

The only reason it doesn't sell is because NO GOOD GAMES ARE OUT FOR IT.. JESUS CHRIST STOP WITH THOSE ARTICLES!
I have a DS that I love and enjoy and I'm dying to get a 3DS, but I will only buy it when NEW GAMES COME OUT FOR IT.

VampiricDragon_2530d ago

They actually did a launch right. Having tons of stock till the holidays......

nano882530d ago

Is shoulda been 100 bucks

badz1492530d ago

I'm afraid Nintendo will have to apologize to all hot cakes maker in the world for selling way too much!

matey2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

there will be a flood of amazing games that come out 4 it then it wont be on shop shelves no more as it will sell like crazy the fact is i have 1 its a lifestyle changer the mp3 player is top notch the sound is super clear u hear instruments u didnt hear before on ipods ect 3ds has 48 KW sound quality thats same as ps3 and wii 4 gaming
Im loving it and at least i have the system so when the bad boy games hit i just fork out £30 online and order it end of there is a 3D web browser coming in may and then using streetpass and spotpass u can also get sky sports leaks sent to u whilst not even being online then watch it same with movies they will get sent to u clips that is as promotion and u can watch them in 3D without the internet or being online when carry ur 3ds around its permenantly linked to street/spot pass so its better than GPS as i take mine out everytime im getting a bus or what have u and u gather miis in street pass plaza and its a good rpg game aswell
Plus the 3DS has the potential to blow every other portable device out of the water it can do everything and in may when eshop and web browser hit aswell as some other services u will be blown away with the 3ds i played it in direct sunlight today and i could still see the game i was playing the screen quality is superb 344 PPI 800x240 x5.38 the size of the screen squared.

nano882530d ago

u going to be walking around holding a 3ds this summer Lmfao

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