Hitachi to offer 4TB desktop drives by 2011

John Best, chief technology officer of Hitachi's global storage technologies unit, predicted that the new nanometer recording technology will eventually enable the disk drive manufacturer to expand the capacity of desktop disk drives to 4TB, and of notebook computer drives to 1TB.

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xhi43749d ago

Hitachi a God? Lol. First they announce theyve made 100GB Blu_Ray Discs that can play with existing blu-ray this. They seem to have some real ingenuity.

Oh...I just read 2011, that's a little while away huh.

Ah well good on em!

supermandead6663749d ago

That is a lot porn to fill up.:0

Prismo_Fillusion3749d ago

Ugh. But my .txt storage files of every fanboy comment and insult on N4G is already up to 19.4TBs. Technology will never catch up.

PopEmUp3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Man how can U fill all the craps in that LOL?

RelloC3749d ago

must. have. more. data.

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