Japan: Xbox 360 Elite Selling Out At Multiple Stores

Are things beginning to turn around for Microsoft? Maybe, just maybe: Last Friday, the Xbox 360 Elite went on sale in Japan. By the end of the day, the black HDMI console with a 120GB HD sold out at several major Akihabara retailers. AsoBitCity, Gamers, Messe Sanoh and Sofmap sold through all their Elites on launch day. When the Xbox 360 originally went on sale in Japan, it bombed. No, it worse than bombed. The 360 launch was a miserable failure, and Microsoft has been playing catch-up ever since. These Elite sell outs do come as a surprise.

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sonarus3998d ago

its more than likely a supply issue but we will know from media create sales

marinelife93998d ago

I'm glad they sold both of them.

unlimited3998d ago

how cheap is it?? they barely sold 1k last i dont know..

JsonHenry3998d ago

LOL! You beat me to it!

Seriously though, how many actually sold? Maybe Japan just likes black electronics? Is there a Japanese game coming out soon that might make them want to buy a 360 now?

Whatever the reason is - I can bet that Microsoft is studying the hell out of the sales right now to try and figure out what they finally did right in the Japanese market.

synce3998d ago

MS is employing a strategy similar to Nintendo. Limit how many consoles you send to retailers to create the illusion of high demand. Only this is a little more pathetic since they're being outsold 10:1 by the PS3 in the most important market.

The Snake3998d ago

Are you implying that Japan is somehow the most important market?

illizit3998d ago

When each store is only receiving about 10 units then of course they are going to 'sell out'.

JsonHenry3998d ago


Japan is NOT the most important market.

jessupj3997d ago

and I suppose the US is?

FF7numba13997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

Japan is important because no console has won without japan. Japanese people are trend setters when it comes to technology will be a good future investment. They have good taste in products. Wii is an exception because its made by Nintendo(the old king) and is cheap.( no saying wii sucks but come on now)

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iceice1233998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

outselling ps3 every month this year except July. 360 dominating PS3 always.

Doesn't matter though does it? I said worldwide, which is all combined. That's what matters, not just Japan. Japan will not save it, never.

Makroyale3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Not in Japan Buddy...

Edit, the story is about Japan, and how the 360 isn't selling there and it never will. Wake up and read the actual story.

poopface13998d ago

360 sells pretty low in japan, the lowest of all 3 consoles. But the truth is the handhelds sell wayy more and the ps3,wii,360 barley sell at alll there compares tothe us and europe. so 360 selling leat there doesnt matter at all when it outsells ps3 by 100,000 this month in us and even sold more than wii thie month. I doubt 360 will continue to sel out there.

felman873998d ago

all 5 systems. Seriously, there weren't that many to begin with

Quickstrike3998d ago

5 systems sold doesnt mean its a sell out it means 5 americans that moved over there wanted a 360 so bought them. or one american bought them all just to try to up the # of 360's sold there.

ry-guy3998d ago

It was never reported how many consoles each store had stocked.

Jones Miller3998d ago

Yes or nos in this thread doesn´t matter! Only time will tell!

Makroyale3998d ago

By the time the 360 sells 1 million units in Japan, the xbox 720 will be launching.