Xbox 360 Arcade Unboxed

Thanks to Emanuel, an intrepid tipster who went above and beyond the call of duty, Engdget managed to get a full unboxing of the Xbox 360 Arcade before Microsoft has even been able to send out a press release about the thing. Whenever the console officially lands, you can expect to pick up the hard drive free console for $279.99, which includes a 256MB Memory Card, a Wireless controller, an HDMI port minus the cable, and a disc that includes copies of Xbox LIVE Arcade games Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pac-Man Championship Demo, and Uno.

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Omegasyde4053d ago

Umm. Sort of ironic that the game comes with XBL games being that if you wanted to get more XBL games would would need a harddrive.

The definitely should of sold this version of the console with halo 3, or something better to match Wii Sports.

wageslave4053d ago

Halo 3 is a Mature rated title. You dont pack those in. Further, its the biggest game of the year -- why give it away?

Further, you dont need a HD to play Xbox LIVE titles. That is why they included the memory card.

Close_Second4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Can you please explain how if someone purchased this package that they would not need a hard drive to download and play more XBLA games other than those provided on the CD?

To be honest, the core should now come with a 20GB HDD, the premium a 60GB HDD and the Elite can stay the same in terms of HDD capacity.

@PlastixBlue: You have to be kidding - I hardly expect a casual gamer to have to micromanage their downloads like that. Yes, it is an option but not a very good one especially when you consider that the average size of XBLA games has been increasing. One of the games last week was 80MB in size alone! If this is the strategy MS wanted to follow then they should have released it with a 1GB card as minimum!

plastixblue4053d ago

They included a 256mb memory card. You can delete games to make more room and redownload them again at no cost.

Jeremy Gerard4053d ago

They should have cracked it open! I wanna see what kind of guts it has, 65nm or what?

Omegasyde4053d ago

What do you do when you want to play more than 2 XBL games? Let alone you still need the memory card for other useful stuff like you know...
......Saving games for instance?

Gamers shouldn't complain about any price cut or deal for ANY SYSTEM.
But it seems that Microsoft could of added alot more for that price.

I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth, But damn this horse is ugly.

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unrealchris4053d ago

they should just have added a hard drive and a game

MrWeymes4053d ago

are hard drives? And how do you save your games without a hard drive?

ThaGeNeCySt4052d ago

lol @ people disagreeing with you for asking a question. Anyways... 20gb HDD is $99.99 & the 120gb HDD is $179.99... without a harddrive, you save stuff to a memory card

Makroyale4053d ago

There were rumors that games were going to start coming out requiring a HD...

I guess they're expecting these to compete with the Wii and then when the dust settles they'll bring out their games requiring a HD and tell the consumer to "Pay up and buy a HD dummy, you should've bought a Wii Bia".

power of Green 4053d ago

If you don't plan on buying it you shouldn't worry about it. To almost all of the above. Perfect console for casual gamers nice family console for people that do not wan't to spend lots of cash on a toy and do not go online but if they do change their minds they can always upgrade.


It's the xbots way....You don't have to pay for xbox live, you don't have to buy HDDVD, you don't have to buy wifi, you don't have buy HDMI, you don't have to buy Harddrive, you don't have to buy wireless controller it's only optional if you later want to get them, M$ doesn't forces their fans by giving us options. Can you got get any more pathetic...Next XBOX M$ is going to charge you guys by hour to play video games and you will still have the same answer, M$ is not forcing you to pay.....There is a sucker born every day

Close_Second4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

...on the 360 are available from Xbox Live Arcade. What do casual gamers do if they cannot download more XBLA games?

@XbotsMustDie: You don't strike me as wanting to own a 360 so please take your opinion and f**k off. Why do trolls like you feel the need to share your opinion when its not wanted or needed. I dare say if you stood on your hands and passed wind that you'd probably garner more respect. F**king fanboys...

Makroyale4053d ago

I'd tell them to buy a Wii...

Who the hell wants to play Uno. I know they're targeting casual gamers here, but the Wii already owns that market.

Omegasyde4053d ago

Not to sound like a "Sony Pony", but I strongly disagree.

Uno is like the only family friendly one. The others are rated "G" but Microsoft could of picked up better ones like the poker game.

And it is still 20 more dollars than a Wii which Nintendo is known for being more kid-friendly(?) and it comes with Wii sports which better than all of those XBL games combined. It would of been smarter to make the premium with a < 10gig hard drive for $299.

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