Breaking News :- Resistance :Fall of Man 2 Details

"Aside from the first and last level, the game takes place entirely in the United States, where someone who may or may not be Sgt. Nathan Hale (who plays a role in the story) has to deal with the Chimeran invasion of the US in such places as San Francisco and Chicago. And there is a cliffhanger ending that sets up for a third title. Vehicles will be included in multiplayer this time around, one will be able to take to the sky with three new vehicles or boogie it down on the ground with the three vehicles from the first game's Campaign.
There's even a tentative release date of November 2008. Again, it could all be pure speculation, but if it turns out to be true, you'll thank us. Or Surfer Girl. How about both?"

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nasim4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

is the best FPS of all time.


KZ2 and RFOM 2....OMG 2008 is a total killing year for ps3.

RFOM 2 would shatter all sales records on DAY 1.

RFOM is already around 3 m at the moment. It has sold over 115 000 copies in JAPAN (a dead territory for FPS games)


Bioshock is the MOST BORING FPS of all time. Bioshock has ar best 2 enemies per screen . Almost 60% of people who bought Bioshock has traded that super boring game with other games.

Half Life/Halo 3 is nowhere near Resistance. Gametrailers/G4Tv, Gamereactor ---all termed RESISTANCE as the best FPS of all time.

and everyone agrees to that except MS moneyhats like IGN,GAYSPOT ,GAY up and GAYGM and small BOT fanbase like you

BTW people Bioshock has no ONLINE/MP .

riqued4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Yeah RFOM is really underrated! this was the best news I got today!!!!!!

eXplotion4076d ago

im more hyped by R:FOM2 than by KZ2... resistance is trully the best FPS ive played.

TheSadTruth4076d ago

I'm a 360 owner and love my Halo and GoW but my roomate had the original on his PS3 and I thought it was a pretty good game. The multiplayer needed work though, to kill people all you have to do is throw a grenade at their feet and they instantly die.. doesn't take too much skill. The maps just had so many players in congested areas that it was just spawn, kill, repeat and it was kind of boring in my opinion. There is an atrocious amount of autoaim which makes it almost a bore to aim and shoot at people since it does most of the work for you. Hopefully they fix these issues. There goes my bubbles.

eXplotion4076d ago

Actually.. the fact that RFOM has so many players online in one map and that its so fast-paced is what makes this the icredible game it is. Its actually a challenge for me to kill more than 2 people in a row using a single life because theres always someone coming from behind that may kill you easily if youre not paying attention.

And yes, fragging instantly kills an opponent if timed and aimed correctly, but its not as easy as you say it is and it does requires some skill. Finally, ive never felt that the auto-aim feature helps me that much in this game, thruth is, I barely notice it.

xplosneer4076d ago

"All you have to do is throw a grenade at their feet an they instantly die." NO WAY! OMG!

DrSelfDestructX4076d ago

"Resistance according to all EU websites and unbiased US websites
is the best FPS of all time."

Unbiased huh? Play Half Life and Bioshock and come back to us.
Resistance is hardly "The best FPS of all time". And im sure others would agree with me.

unsunghero284076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Resistance is fantastic, don't get me wrong. But I think that saying it's the best FPS of all time might be inaccurate, especially considering all of the great unparalleled PC experiences.

Well, still, that's just my opinion. For what it's worth, I prefer Warhawk to Resistance.

@Nasim and everyone who agreed with him:
Whoa, guys. Whoa.

As I said before, I agree that Resistance is a fantastic FPS... but, come on, discrediting every other shooter available is just fanboyism at its most despicable. Nasim, you've obviously never played BioShock, because if you have you would know that it is a game not yet matched in cinematic quality. Your ridiculously fake return rate statistic would have brought be to take a bubble from you but- lo and behold- you have none left.

So, to reiterate, yes, Resistance is a great game. But there is nothing I HATE more about N4G (or about video game media at all for that matter) than insulting a perfectly good game because you hate the console that it's on. That's just low, guys, I don't care what side you're on.

TheSadTruth4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

"All you have to do is throw a grenade at their feet an they instantly die." NO WAY! OMG!

grenades should take timing and skill idiot, no need for your stupid sarcasm

OMG its so hard to toss a nade like a proximity mine and kill anyone instantly

the fact that theres more people doesnt mean it takes more skill, there is nothing skillful about spawning and having 2 people in front of you to kill

I would expect PS3 owners to know much about first person shooters since the PS2 offered nothing worth buying

It's amazing you guys think resistance is the best fps of all time when you probably have never played a quality first person shooter and are comparing it to crap like Time Splitters and Red Faction

sad fanboys...

"And yes, fragging instantly kills an opponent if timed and aimed correctly, but its not as easy as you say it is and it does requires some skill."

No, you don't have to even aim correctly because the autoaim practically aims for you

Pretty much 99% of all players I played were horrible, including the level 60 guys (which is the max level)

I Hate being blunt, but you 12 year olds and your zealous devotion to Sony seems to get to me

FirstknighT4076d ago

The best FPS of all time??? HAHA, no wonder this kid has 162 ignores. Show me one link that says Resistance is the best fps of all time.

Skizelli4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Perhaps the best FPS on a PlayStation since Red Faction, sure. But to say it's above the likes of Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Half-Life, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Unreal Tournament, Halo, all of which had cult followings, is a pretty bold statement. I feel sorry for the "gamers" that limit themselves and/or devote themselves to a single console.

xplosneer4072d ago

Exactly, the auto aim is a bit annoying. That's what you should have said. And I agree. Bigger maps hopefully.

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btkadams4076d ago

sounds sweet. i could see that happening.

at the end of resistance 1, maybe nathan hale is being taken by the us government because theyve seen him defeat the chimera in england. they take him back to america to help defeat the chimera that have migrated from russia over to north america. the second game ends with you defeating the chimera in north america and sets up for the third game where u head into russia to learn the secrets of how the chimera came to be and how to stop it all. DUN DUN DUN. lol. maybe they're trying to make this like the halo series, like a trilogy.

Vicophine4076d ago

Nice theory =D Bubbles for j00

Panthers4076d ago

I think it has more to do with testing. There is something special about him that makes him more powerful, and the Americans want to engineer soldiers like him.... Or at least that is what I think.

Hatchetforce4076d ago

I'll go with Panthers on this one. I think the US wants him for a use in engineeering super soldiers rather than fighting the Chimera.

Skerj4076d ago

Would be an awesome dynamic, fighting the Chimera trying to take over the world and your superiors trying to capture you for testing. Add in some Cloven love and you have a winner.

Panthers4076d ago

Since this game is all in America (supposedly) I am thinking the 3rd game will be more about the Cloven. 3rd game will probably take the fight to Russia and destroy them.

Kr1554075d ago

Americans already have super soldiers. Anyone notice that most americans you see have thier faces covered? and at the end, the masks the americans who kidnap nathan hale wore have 4 eye holes. Not to mention the oddly gruff voices of the americans tracking you. You know what I mean the ones you can hear over the radio whenever you find a dead american talking about the movments of "grey"? I have more than a suspision that hale is "Grey" which leads me to think they knew about him before sending him in. Mix that in with the surprisingly advanced American weapons. one of wich fires exploding blobs much like the chimeran spiders. I'm willing to bet that the Americans dug up the first spire in Alaska (very close to russia mind you) and while researching the weapons and technology they found accidentally (or maybe even purposfully) released the virus in Russia.

Jeebus4075d ago

Kr155, you know your RFOM. You're making me want to play through and check all that stuff out just to see. I'm all curious now.

By the way. Before the second one comes out, I want you to write me a detatiled paragraph about the game to get me pumped for it. :)

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aaquib54076d ago

Resistance is easily my favourite FPS on PS3, and one of my favourites of all time(up there with Half life, and Unreal). I can't wait for a sequel! 40 player online multiplayer, compelling single player, awesome cool weapons, great maps/environments all on a launch title! I cant wait to see what Insomniac will be doing for their 3rd gen ps3 title!

xplosneer4076d ago

2 Great games(I'm calling Ratchet Great from what I've played of the demo) in a year and a third on the horizon, one with a 88 or so average, Ratchet looking to be around the same or better, and now this. These people are crazy. Generally if you make a game a year you come out with stuff that isn't really a step above like NBA Live 07(08 was actually quite better)

sonarus4076d ago

I wanna see significant improvements to resistance 2. With the improvements to their engine which is evident in ratchet and clank its not that difficult to assume this will be the case. Glad to know vehicles will be incorporated online too