Arstechnica Review: Everyday Shooter really is that good

From the reveiw: "After the mountains of hype that Everyday Shooter received after E3, the game has finally been released in the PlayStation Store for the princely sum of $10. Frank and I stayed up late into the night trying to best each other's high scores-he ultimately won-and now we feel safe saying that the game is good. Very, very good."

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Agent VX4082d ago

WOW, $10 for that game???

And the $onyfanboys say that their online is free.....oh, I know, nobody is forcing you to buy the game. Though, not much of a service if you can't buy from it, or at least not getting azzed raped in the process!!!

You can just start to see the leaching from their online service.

notsonice4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Looking at your other posts it's obvious you neither have or could possibly hold a job that would allow you to own a PS3. Please refrain from waisting our time any further until you can save enough food stamps to actually buy something other then a gamecube...

mighty_douche4082d ago

thats £5, not exactly what i would call a rip off. and if you dont want it, dont buy it, simple.

this game was entirely build by one person i believe, and i think thats incredible and deserves my £5.

Skerj4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Um PSN IS free but you still have to pay for some of the downloadable games. You just don't have to pay for online play and after experiencing how fun it is, I will not be renewing my XBL Gold subscription. Do some research before spouting nonsense next time, you have no room to talk if you've never used the service nor own the system. Also, for 10 bucks that game is worth more to me than everything I've played on XBLA it didn't get awards for nothing.

Agent VX4082d ago

Um, I am selling my PS3 because their online is a joke. Resistance online games, getting more lag than I get on XBL, and trying to enter a match is frustrating as hell.

Plus, it's hard to tell what people are doing or where they are, cause over half don't have mics. And now seeing what they are charging for online games, well you can see where they are trying to make up for not charging.

Sony's online has been an extreme disappointment, nor I care for Home from what I seen. Mix in the fact, there are no great games to play on it, forget it, ebay here i come. Only game I will miss is GT 5, but oh well, I have Forza 2.

mighty_douche4082d ago

me thinks someone is talking ass....^^

Jeebus4082d ago

Agent, buddy. I'm not even going to list the names of the games you'll be crying and dying to play on your PS3. It's okay though, I'll easily pick up your slack. I've already canceled all appointments for the next 14 months starting with CoD4 on Nov 6. As soon as I can pull myself away from my console (assuming I don't fuse with my couch) I'll let you know how great it really is.

andy0014082d ago

He doesn't have a PS3, just look at his previous comments. He is bashing Sony all the time, and blowing sunshine up MS arse.

A shame that we in Europe can't get this shooter yet, which is annoying about Sony (and Microsoft). We always get stuff late (if at all)

Hopefully it will be available to us soon.

Skerj4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

You're complaining over a 10 dollar game? If you eat fast food that's usually around 5-6 bucks right there for something that passes through you (barely) within a few hours. You still have to pay for XBLA games, except you use those idiot MS points which I hate since I usually have to buy more than I actually want.

How about something that costs 1200 MS points and you only have 100? So you have to spend $12.50 on 1000 points and since you're still 100 shy you have to spend the minimum of $6.25 for 500 points to purchase the game. How much did you just spend? $18.75 and you still have points you didn't want. Or you could just spend the 25 bucks for the 2000 points. See what I'm getting at? You just had to do all of this screwing around with this points nonsense and you STILL have to pay to play online. I prefer the solid numbers the PS store gives me that way I know that exactly $2.99 and $9.99 are coming off of my card.

10 bucks for ES is a very damn good deal for what it is and for what Jonathan Mak put into it. And I've yet to have any lag in Resistance, Warhawk, or Poker. The only time I had lag was in Tekken and that's because I was playing someone in Romania, maybe you should check your connection.

To be honest though I know you haven't played Resistance online and I really doubt you have a PS3. Know how I know? Because you said you can't find where people are, Resistance has a radar system for humans and Chimera can see through walls and you'd have most certainly have known that had you played the game.

Oh and before I forget, the above points example is something that was about to happen to me when I wanted to get Puzzle Quest but I'll just play it on PSP instead.

goodganja4082d ago


It's okay, Nintendo makes the Wii where you can whine and swing a remote around. Buy that. Buy a Sega Genesis if you can only affort to pay 15.00 for a system.

Dont say XBOX 360. Everyday Shooter is an example of good original IP, what will you download on 360??? PACMAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION?


P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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felidae4082d ago

very good? ... like all the games for the PS3?