PSU's Capcom Announcement Wishlist

Recently there has been talk that Capcom will be making a very special PlayStation 3 announcement this week (in just over 2 days). With no clues as to what this announcement could be, Justin Pinter, Journalist and PR guy at PSU, thought he'd throw a few ideas out there, some realistic, and others far fetched.

Realistic Guesses:
1. Dead Rising 2 / Lost Planet Sequel
2. "Capcom PS3 Action Project" / New IP
3. Next gen version of older titles

Far Fetched Guesses:
1. Resident Evil 5 goes PS3 exclusive
2. Monster Hunter 3 still in development for PS3

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doomsonyman4022d ago

that would be so awsome if devil may cry went exclusive again. thats what i want

Lucreto4022d ago

Not very likely but an timed exclusive would be good.

razer4022d ago

gonna happen.. Sorry to disappoint you.

tocrazed4you4022d ago

The next breath of fire?
Marvel vesus capcom?
Street fighter 4?
Honestly I just want another breath of fire!!!

Bazookajoe_834022d ago

But my guess is dead rising 2 and lost planet 2 goes multiplat..

LeonSKennedy4Life4022d ago



Lotto4022d ago

Stupid to wish RE5 is PS3 exclusive

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The story is too old to be commented.