New Super Mario Galaxy "Experience" Trailer

A great example of what the Nintendo Wii is truly capable of. Check it out after the jump.

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Kyrue3997d ago

I can't wait to play this game!

Nostradavis3997d ago

Yea this one will be worth the money

cooke153997d ago

it cant come soon enough

mirroredderorrim3997d ago

This is the game I've been waiting for. I guess my wallet is going to open up and so is my home, because a Wii is making it's way to my home theater.

Kuest3997d ago

not coming this year does sort of "bitterize" Mario Galaxy. However, just looking at that trailer, I know i'm in for something special.

Mark my words, this year's GOTY will be a contest between Mario and Mass Effect. You just wait.

UltramanJ3997d ago

but I guess I'm too old school cause I'm not sold on the idea of runnning around on tiny little bits of land. I'll put my trust in Miyamoto, but I'm not convinced this will be a classic in the vein of Super Mario World or SMB3. Oh, and why do we have to watch some shmuck sitting on the couch with the Wii mote when watching Wii game trailers? Spare me please!

Tyrael3997d ago

How true. Gone are the days of level consistency and a clean, understood unfolding of level progress. Galaxy looks fun yeah, but those stages are a little too abstract and trippy for my taste - seems to me like they're really trying to appeal only to the ultra youth market, but i'll have to play it to judge for myself

Nostradavis3996d ago

I agree. The shots of the people using the Wii is getting old.

BrotherNick3996d ago

haha, I admit they are exaggerated, but I'd rather have trippy than realistic...the point of many video games is to have an escape for maybe an hour at a time. When the games become real it'll end up being more like the Matrix. @[email protected]

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