Crash Bandicoot Returns on Cryteks Cryengine

Crash Bandicoot, or simply Crash, is a video game character based on Sony´s PlayStation and the primary protagonist of the Crash Bandicoot series of video games. Crash is back in an upcoming Crysis mod, based on Cryteks CryEngine. Here are some really cool screenshots from the mod.

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Prcko2799d ago

i hope sony gonna make new crash,such a awesome series!!!

Klipz-Wish2799d ago

I don't think they own the rights to it anymore

2799d ago
NBT912799d ago

Who does? Is it Activision who own it at the moment?

Cajun Chicken2799d ago

Yes. It's Activision, so I don't expect them to take this laying back...

2799d ago
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fire232799d ago

For anyone wondering about the licensing for Crash, you should read the making of crash blog, http://all-things-andy-gavi...

And to anyone saying it should be rebooted, please don't, just look at the new Spyro game to see why Crash should just rest for now.

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chidori6662799d ago

haha wow i too miss the Crash Bandicoot games,they were alot of fun. too bad there is like no way to find those games anymore lol.

TheLastGuardian2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

I bought them 2 years ago on PSN then again on disc last year. I've boughten some of the original Crash games 3 times.

Most PS1 games aren't that hard to find. You just have to look passed the BS retailers like Gamestop. Locally owned gameshops and Ebay are your friend.

HolyOrangeCows2799d ago

Activision isn't done abusing Crash, I assure you.

If Crash ran faster than 1/2 a mile per hour, this mod would be amazing.

Reibooi2799d ago

Yeah it looks incredible but it also looks sluggish slow and clunky.

Watching it really makes me miss the first 3 Crash games. They were so much fun. Everything that came after those games was just a waste of a good series.

Da_Evil_Monkey2799d ago

You watch the next CoD will be "Call of Duty: Crash ops"

I wish Naughty Dog hadn't given up the rights to the franchise, a PS3 Crash Bandicoot game by them would be epic.

TheLastGuardian2798d ago


Crash Team Racing was just as fun as Crash 1-3. I grew up playing ND's Crash Bandicoot.

ReservoirDog3162798d ago

Haha, someone should forward this to ND. I think they'd enjoy seeing it.

likedamaster2798d ago

Looks good but doesn't look fun at all.

TheLastGuardian2798d ago

Meh. Crash graphics looked so much better on PS1. Where's the Crash Bandicoot art style?

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Cajun Chicken2799d ago

This could be the greatest PC mod ever.

NBT912799d ago

Yeah. I still have not got around to playing Crysis 2 yet, but I still can see that this is looking very well made for a mod.

My main hope though is that Acti will see it and realise the potential reviving Crash Bandicoot would have, if done right.
Personally I think a remake of the third Game with modern day graphics would be a safe bet.

TheLastGuardian20102799d ago

Out of all the franchises that NEED rebooting, this is probably THE game that, SERIOUSLY, NEEDS a reboot.

The Crash Bandicoot series is a classic. Nearly every game was good, including the awesome crash team racing. After the ps1 days though, the franchise just fell to the way side.

Obviously Naughty Dog won't buy the license back (doesn't make sense considering they have Uncharted, and Jak & Daxter), but I'd still like to see a reputable dev team

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