Mortal Kombat - Goro Babality

In this video you will see baby Goro, it's hilarious..

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chidori6662799d ago


ah c'mon babalities? Really? MEH!

limewax2799d ago

The game has proved itself brutal. Only additions now are just added nostalgia of the other MK days, I could be wrong, could be MK2 where they started but it makes me think a lot of the MK3 days personally, And that was my favourite MK, day one for me

majiebeast2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Below Portal 2 spoilers dont scroll!

Way to ruin a game dangertick2 people report him.


@chidori666 ...It seems like u dont know the history about mortal kombat games......Babalities was in the original MK.........I wish i could turn u into a baby for making that dumb comment, Or may b ur alerday a baby thats y u made that comment :/

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Wizziokid2799d ago

Awesome that they put Babality's back in!

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