Gloves Are Off, Claws Are Out - My Review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The movie's been out, the game's not new anymore. But I've finally sat down to play this movie tie-in. For those that haven't tried the game, and those that care to know, here's my opinion of this game.

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DanSolo2529d ago

Well I was hoping for a review of Pacman but I suppose this will have to suffice!

TreMillz2529d ago

Wow talk about being late to the in late to the fourth party after the original one you were supposed to attend

NinjaByNight2529d ago

I like to make a fashionably late entrance...

Ricco-Warrior2529d ago

dammit i wasn't suppose to make it on time

anasurimbor2529d ago

This game kicked ass, actually

DelbertGrady2529d ago

Bit late, bro. Good game though.

N4Gsukballs2529d ago

NinjabyNight sucks for submitting this.

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