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Core 360 Down to £199

Retailers in the UK have today confirmed that Microsoft have officially sanctioned a price drop for the Xbox 360 Core Package effective as of today. The Core Package now has a RRP of £199 a drop of £10 from its original RRP of £209. It's the first official drop in price in Europe since the system launched last December.

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THAMMER13955d ago

Microsft is going for it all.

Marriot VP3955d ago

Well it's a 13 dollar difference but it's a start.

JIN KAZAMA 1873955d ago

then, the core package will be worth buying.

kingboy3955d ago

ha! sony is force to reduce price ..wait and see..this battle will be nasty

Marriot VP3955d ago

what are you demented, this is 10 euros to round down the price to an even 200 euros. The difference has nothing to do with Sony, who cares about the PS3 anyways. Only fanboys would buy a console at 5-600 in 2007.

kingboy3955d ago

just becuz u hate a jeep don`t mean people hate it too.

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The story is too old to be commented.