Crossover Insanity: Five '[company] vs [company]' games that need to happen

Gamer's Guide to Life contributor Joey Núñez lists five 'versus' games that the industry needs to get off its keister and release upon the world.

GGTL: "Yup, there is definitely a special appeal to any vs. series, and contemplation on this subject got my brain gears grinding. Once the resultant massive headache subsided, I was left with one very distinct thought: “I want more.” If Marvel and Capcom can somehow put all their characters into one single awesome fighting game, why can’t everyone?!"

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Dart892653d ago

Great list man.

I know this may sound corny to some people but i wish we could get a Digimon vs pokemon i mean come on who wouldn't want blaziken owning Greymon??

Pin-Pin-Ire2653d ago

Heavy Rain Vs Call of Duty?

itsthatguy2653d ago

strongly agree with MK vs KI!

blackburn52653d ago

Nintendo's icons vs Sony's. Duh. Let's see what Mario, Samus, Link, Zelda and Kirby can do against Sly, Ratchet, Jax, Kratos,Cole and Drake.

RockmanII72652d ago

I'll never give up hope for Street Fighter vs Dragonball