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SOCOM: Special Forces is the second SOCOM title to grace the PlayStation 3. Unlike many other shooting games out there the SOCOM titles have relied on team work and tactical-based combat. SOCOM: Special Forces is the latest addition to Sony’s SOCOM series and promises to the best one yet.

The SOCOM games debuted on the PS2 and have also been on the PSP too. How does this title differentiate itself from the others? With so stiff competition with the likes of Call of Duty and Killzone 3, is SOCOM: Special Forces a game worth playing?

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MightyMark4272800d ago

Meh even though it's been receiving average score, I'll still buy it. Im a big SOCOM fan

snaz272800d ago

Don't worry, ps3 exclusives get judged by a different yard stick to any other game, why? I don't know, but it's pretty clear that's for sure...

Krimson-Rage2800d ago

True, and I don't think people can use the "conspiracy theory" rebuff anymore either, as it should be obvious to anyone with an ounce of perception and common sense after how KZ3, Motorstorm Apocalypse and SOCOM have been receieved compared to something like Crysis 2.

bennyace2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Yes! Like Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 recieved bad scores. /s

It always easier to blame reviewers about a bad score... then to admit a game doesn't deliver...

As for Socom 4, from what I've seen so far from in game videos, it just doesn't seem to be a Socom game. Big firefights and regenerating health! What? Really? That's not what Socom is about to me. You're supposed to go in, eliminate your target without being seen and get out of there.... Not get shot, hide while your health regenerates, and go at it again with guns blazing...

Krimson-Rage2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Well, once again a PS3 game is being reviewed for what it is NOT as opposed to what it is. I've never played a SOCOM game and enjoyed the Beta, so maybe they did something right.

And people have been saying "maybe the game doesn't deliver" for every PS3 exclusive this year. All they ALL right then? Of course, haters will say "LOL yes", but if you genuinely believe that KZ3 and MS Apocalypse deserve all the '5' and '6' score they got then these reviews realy are doing more damage than I thought.

Ju2800d ago

I don't necessarily say this here is a particular PS3 problem.

This is a general problem with games which are a) 3rd person, b) require people to manage a swat.

Look at Graw. A tactical shooter does not cater to the majority of shooter fans.

It does not really matter. For people who like those games (e.g. me) I will go and get it. First what I have seen is a top notch title and second it simply has no competition (at this time). There is simply no other high class 3rd person tactical shooter available today - not on the PS3.

I was waiting for such a game for 3 years now I guess (I loved Graw2 and can't wait for the new Ghost Recon).

I am not quite sure why the die hard Socom fans give it such a hard time. Yeah, it changed. Sometimes we need to go with the times...just a little bit. Get over it. And yet, I think this title will sell a couple of 100k first day/week. This is a hidden treasure, no matter what reviewers say.

BattleAxe2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Stop with the bullshit, I've been a Socom fan since Socom 2 came out, an this game deserves the score that it gets. Zipper didn't listen to their community and instead made something generic. They took all the great game modes out, and they made the game a CoD friendly shooter with a cover system. I'm glad this game is getting rocked in the reviews.....maybe they;ll listen to the community next time.

@ Ju

GRAW2 was way better than this game, and I would argue that you could get a similar experience to Socom 4 by playing MW2 TPS Mode, and infact I think the TPS Mode in MW2 plays better than Socom4. But because Zipper decided to go after the CoD players with this game, when the next Black Ops map pack comes out, watch half of the community disappear overnight.

@ Krimson Rage

The fact that you have never played a Socom game before is the reason why you are enjoying it, because if you had played the ones on PS2, you would understand why reviewers and old school fans don't like this game. It has nothing to do with being a PS3 exclusive as far as the reviews go. Socom was always an 8/10 type of game, even in its best days, but it was still my favorite game franchise on PS2 hands down.

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SpLinT2800d ago

cmon stop whining. reviews are personal reviews, not letter grades . I thought KZ3 mp sucked but Crysis2 MP is fun. Im not biased, i have them both on Ps3. And i think Socom4 beta is boring . I call it like i SEE IT

Krimson-Rage2800d ago

An 'opinion' intended to be used as a pointer for potential purchasers. If a review WAS nothing but your 'opinion', why even bother posting it?
I can't get enough KZ3 mp and think EVERY aspect of Crysis 2 (SP and MP) sucks... See how worthless opinions ultimately are? No consenses at all, yet people will be more inclined to go by yours because it's an "official review".

mickross1232800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I loved the Beta and just SOCOM in general has always been a favourite of mine. Even Confrontation (picked it up about a year and a half after release) with the patches I had no problem and it was enjoyable. Well worth the 10 bucks I paid for it :p

This is a must buy for me, picking it up in may though cant afford this, MK and P2 all in one month :( lol