Exclusive Uncharted Portable leaked artwork

PSX-Sense writes "We manage to get our hands on some very special Uncharted Portable artwork, the new title for Sony's upcoming NGP. Check the artwork out below!"

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Wolfie2738d ago

Very nice. I'm so buying NGP for this game

NarooN2738d ago

I was buying an NGP anyway, but I'm buying this because A) Uncharted rules and B) it's made by Sony Bend, who made fucking Syphon goddamn Filter.

Hoje03082738d ago

"fucking Syphon goddamn Filter"


1998gamer2738d ago

The NGP had me at dual analog sticks :P Which is a huge difference IMO

a_bro2738d ago

this looks like a prequel. Drake looks young in that render.

Brian52472738d ago

He definitely is, but by all means not a bad thing. Any Drake on my NGP = awesome.

Wenis2738d ago

It barely looks like Drake though, it looks more like his lazy younger brother.

metsgaming2738d ago

its just artwork, even the artwork from uc1 and 2 didnt look exactly like drake

LarVanian2738d ago

Hopefully we'll get some story details and more gameplay at E3.

Jio2738d ago

I hope we get a release date at E3

rabidpancakeburglar2738d ago

There is already a release date, November 1st

White-Sharingan2738d ago

@rabidpancakeburglar- You're thinking of Uncharted 3 release date.

rabidpancakeburglar2738d ago

lol got mixed up, tiredness does that to me

Rageanitus2738d ago

I hope hey don't call it Uncharted Portable.

It just downplays the franchise... the game is all about the adventure.

NarooN2738d ago

It's obviously just a codename, something tentative. Happens with almost every game ever in pre-production, pre-alpha, etc. phases of development.

pxpxp2738d ago

It says working title.

sobekflakmonkey2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

They should call it "Uncharted: even though its on a handheld its pretty much a full out console game, so no worries"

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The story is too old to be commented.