PC World - Dynasty Warriors 7 review: A brilliant offering by Tecmo Koei

PC World writes "Dynasty Warriors 7 is a brilliant game. It's a confident step forward in the franchise for Tecmo Koei and Omega Force, condensing the core franchise values into a package that is elegant in execution and eminently playable."

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Dart892739d ago

Great review guys best game in the series so far can't wait for dlc.

BiggCMan2739d ago

Same here, I am enjoying it sooo much. There is so much to do in Conquest Mode, the 4 stories last a very long time, the graphics are much improved, and I also am very excited for the DLC. At the moment, I know that Japanese voices are coming, costumes from previous games, and 2 new weapons. All of that is already out in Japan, is there anything else I missed? When is it coming to the U.S?

Dart892739d ago

You nailed everything and about the dlc i'm not sure when it come's out.

Andreas-Sword2739d ago

great review, great game!
The game is pretty fun, and the Gameplay is very good!
Best Dynasty Warriors game ever!

KillaManiac2739d ago

Agreed...easily the best true DW game to date.

Bigpappy2739d ago

Really? DW7? Really?

Got to play the demo. I don't believe it.

tmoss7262739d ago

There's a demo? I need to check that out.

cogniveritas2739d ago

I haven't played a DW game since DW3. I'm sure I missed the introduction of many features over the past few games but as a package overall it definitely a great game if you haven't worn yourself out over it each year. And even if you have, it's just fun anyway.

dirthurts2739d ago

Very skeptical of this review. I'll have to check this out.

mastiffchild2739d ago

Oh, they're Marmite games just like Naruto and Dragonball in their own ways. If you LIKE DA then this IS the very best the series has to offer, imho, but if you thought it repetitive before this won't change that.

some people find the swarms of enemies breathtaking while others just see them as fodder to wade through time and time again. I, personally, find myself in an odd position with the series cos I can take the games or leave them. I HAVE to be in a certain mood to enjoy them, though, and when i'm in that mood absolutely nothing else will hit the spot in the same cathartic way.

Also, this time the acting and storytelling seems to have been very much improved and I actually like the tweaks to combat as well-even if characters using the same weapons COULD be using differing attacks and have more diverse animations but t's seems harsh to knock a game that knows what it's fans wants and gives it to them constantly while always trying to add a few new bits and bobs and up the overall quality.

I couldn't, in all fairness, say it's in the 10/10 league myself but if you're really into it there's just nothing that will do for you what this series does but, definitely, it's a love it/hate it game and will always remain a niche, niche title in the West and for very good reason but, also, you can't knock it or it's fans as they're a loyal bunch, proud of THEIR game. Good luck to 'em-the reviews must go from about 2/10 to 10/10 or this one alone.

soundslike2739d ago

well all you really need to say is
"extremely satisfying catharsis when in a certain mood"

I don't plan on buying it soon, but I know that I'd get some serious enjoyment out of it if I did. Great game for when you can't play the more involving stuff and just want to kick some ass. They could really use some western competition for this genre.

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