PS3 lead platform for Thor: God of Thunder

PSU writes, "During SEGA's recent Marvel superhero showcase event in New York City, Liquid Entertainment's Andrew Rubino confirmed to PSU that PlayStation 3 was the lead development platform for Thor: God of Thunder."

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Blaze9292713d ago

So what theyre saying is the game is still going to suck...

chidori6662713d ago

This game looks like crap... Yo Sega.. Know a game called God of War? There's a dude there called Kratos that might kick your Thor's ass.

Headquarters112714d ago

Why do they even bother releasing games like these?

They don't even start to sell until they're in the bargain bin.

RankFTW2714d ago

So what every game should just be canned if it isn't going to sell well?

NYC_Gamer2714d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Sega should put this money towards funding Shenmue 3.

Headquarters112714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

They could sell it for half price or less right off the bat

Parapraxis2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Agreed, there are always hidden gems.
A lot of people thought Batman AA would recieve the same treatment.
Personally I don't expect this game to blow me away( If I even bother to play it...which I likely won't)), but at least with PS3 as lead platform both PS3 and 360 versions should perform nearly identical.

frjoethesecond2714d ago

Sega should make a PS3 collection of VC2 & 3 with the money if not shenmue 3.

Knushwood Butt2713d ago

No, not at all, but stuff like this just has fail written all over it right from the start.

Just nothing to make it stand out in the crowd.

Also, if you can't beat what you are imitating, why bother?

On topic, I'll welcome more multiplats where the PS3 is the lead platform, although to be honest, most of my cash is already spent on the exclusives. Next up, Socom 4.

Knushwood Butt2713d ago

Incidentally, same dev that did Rise of the Argonauts.

Things now looks even bleaker.

ChronoJoe2713d ago

NYC sadly this garbage will likely sell better than Shenmue would. Shenmue was cancelled due to abysmal sales figures, remember? ...

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kikizoo2713d ago

"but at least with PS3 as lead platform both PS3 and 360 versions should perform nearly identical."

like....almost every time, even with xbox leadplatform (with ps3 lead platform, we should expect a better version every time)

demonddel2714d ago

good thats the way its suppose to be

Parapraxis2714d ago

This is a good thing, it's always proved to produce the best results.

Burning_Finger2714d ago

In the end both will look like crap.

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