Valve Plans to Implement Coaching in DotA 2 - Testing in Team Fortress 2

Valve has implemented a unique feature in the world of multiplayer gameplay - Coaching. In short, an experienced player can choose to be available as "coach" to a player who is new to the game, or just wants to learn more. This will add the player to a pool of coaches where they will be matched with "students" that want to benefit from additional insight.

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Pandamobile2796d ago

TF2 is Valve's chemistry set.

tdrules2796d ago


undercovrr2796d ago

You're either delusional or trying to be funny. Either way, its not working

Persistantthug2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I mean, you wouldn't actually believe that Valve is doing this whole big, expensive PS3 network undertaking, only to NOT actually put their games on it, did you?

Yeah, I do expect the announcement fairly soon.

Quite frankly, anyone who says "no, this will never happen", I might suggest it was them who'd be delusional.

Pandamobile2796d ago

Do you even know what DOTA is?

It's not exactly the type of game that would fare well with a controller.

Persistantthug2796d ago

You don't have a problem with that, right?

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vekixd2796d ago

I just wonder how it will work in Dota 2. It might be good becouse it will bring game to the next level in e-sport term.

BeastlyRig2796d ago

I love being valves ginny pig!!!

Bullshido2796d ago

Hehehe :) Why so ? I mean, i love Valve but why do you enjoy being ginny pig :D?

a_bro2796d ago

cause they implement cool things.

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The story is too old to be commented.