Latest Battlefield Trailer Analysed - New Features Revealed?

EA and DICE have released a 12 minute long gameplay clip of their upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield 3. Through the whole of the clip there are stunning graphics, explosions and gunfights. All of these have become synonymous with Battlefield 3, but could the clip show more? We find out.

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chidori6662802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

stop aproved this pathetic articles.

I'm tired of FPS games being what the industry is focusing all their attention on crap of first person and beating COD.Other genres are having mediocre series this gen due to the crap popular demand of FPS games. It’s really annoying to see new FPS games come out.

TomInc2802d ago

Like it or love it FPS games are part of the are racing, action, adventure title and so on.

Seeing developments and the way games are going in general regardless of genre is always good for me.. I tend to base my anticipation on this, for example Homefront's marketing had me really hyped for a type of game I rarely play.

Now I'm not a FPS fan, I personally love games that focus more on adventure and story like Uncharted and Final Fantasy.. I subsequently hate the anime 2D tactical games that are flying out atm, but I dont spam them moaning.

aCasualGamer2802d ago

Gotta agree here with TomInc.

I'm not the one who plays lots of FPS, but you still gotta admire a good game and Battlefield 3 seems to be a great game. Very technical and that's okey, the game appeals to those hardcore gamers with either high-end PC's or alot of online hours on consoles. The cod series was never known for appealing to hardcore PC gamers, on the contrary alot of PC gamers felt screwed by activision. I'm glad that they finally get the right FPS for their rigs.

I've owned alot of cod games and the only thing they stand for is milkage, that i have learned. Same games with different story on singleplayer. Worst series this gen imo, fun for some in online but not to me.

Battlefield 3 i will buy for two reasons:

1. It takes place in my home country Kurdistan(this is a first in all of gaming history) and i would like to support them for choosing this location.

2. This will be my last FPS game this gen and because they are swedish devs (i live in Sweden) i will support this game.

3. The game looks awesome.

yen8882802d ago

I think TomInc makes a very good point, FPS games are here to stay love em or hate em.

I personally love them but I can understand why people wouldn't, they haven't exactly "advanced" the industry very far.

fluffydelusions2802d ago

I'm looking forward to BF3 but could do without the bragging from DICE/EA.

Ducky2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Hasn't really been much bragging from Dice.
Just sensationalist journalism taking their words out of context.

EA always brags. Can't really blame 'em. They're a publisher and want to create hype for a game.

ATiElite2802d ago

DICE doesn't brag. they just produce results by making some of the best games ever.

EA on the other hand are just FN annoying and i wish they would just STFU!

theonlylolking2802d ago

The other genres are doing just fine. The only difference is that they are not selling on a normal basis over 2 million.

Uncharted, gears, granturismo, mass effect, elder scrolls, god of war, starcraft, burnout, etc... are all doing just fine.

Noble Spartan2802d ago

everything was stunning in the trailer. Graphics and effects and game looks superb.One thing that didn't look that great was the facial animations. But the animations of the movements were stellar.

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Dan_Vivian2802d ago

That's a pretty good way to look at all the possible features. I'd like the idea of calling in helicopters to destroy a bunch of guys, similar to that bit in black ops, i was stuck on that bit for ages. And i like the idea of more than one view point to a story. Only time will tell. Good article.

Urmomlol2802d ago

This is a terrible analysis.

Flaming grenade? That's obviously either a grenade launcher or a mortar.


yen8882802d ago

You see the grenade come out of the characters hand, explain that

Urmomlol2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Unless that guy is a MLB pitcher and makes really loud sound effects with his mouth, he's holding a grenade launcher. Hence the incredibly fast trajectory of the projectile and the loud explosion that precedes it.

Edit: Wow, you're incredibly obtuse.

yen8882802d ago

You can see the character throwing it

Caleb_1412802d ago

Couldn't agree more, I mean a flaming grenade? Has this person not played BFBC2 and seen what a grenade indicator looks like in that game? If they haven't, do they even deserve to be doing an analysis in the first place having not played DICE's most recent game?

F**king hell... I mean come on! There's nothing to damn analyse here!

M4I0N32802d ago

its the orange grenade symbol from battlefield bad company series. The author obviously hasn't played battlefield before.

bobrea2802d ago

An article title ending with a question mark. Is this goddamn Gossip Girls? Write an article when you have some facts.

tdrules2802d ago

1) Yeah this will have the best AI no doubt
2) No it's clearly a grenade icon like in the Bad Company series
3) It is a QTE, in one of the trailers there are mouse icons that pop up, they removed them for this trailer for cinematic effect
4) Scripted event, nothing more
5) Sure why not
6) Or they realised things like that are FUCKING AWESOME to playthrough, like the start of Crysis 1

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