Save & Quit - Portal 2: First Impressions (video)

SaQ - Our page is flooding with Portal 2 articles right now, and for a good reason; the game is great! We got our hands on a copy and threw it at our Xbox. Luckily for us, the disc drive was open and I have deadly aim with game discs. I am approximately 3 hours into the game and I feel like I got a pretty good feel of how the game is. Here is a video of my first impressions of Portal 2… you monster.

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NBT912796d ago

Just watched, pretty good viewing.
Pretty much spoiler free, guys. If anyone was worried about that.

majiebeast2796d ago

If you see anything written by dangertick2 in comments its probably portal 2 spoilers.

Brash_Attack2795d ago

Thanks. You have no idea how hard it is to edit this video to make sure there are no spoilers.